Tuesday, October 05, 2010

"wang ikhlas, wang halal"

I'm anxiously waiting to hear the DPM's reply to DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang's challenge to return all monies paid to all the Muslim YB's and Ministers as salaries all these years. ( here )

What a bunch of hypocrites these UMNO morons are ? Every ringgit that has entered into anyone's pocket has somehow been passed on from someone who had either consumed or handled pork......so cannot touch any ringgits la.....right ? Money as taxes, from UMNO issued licenses for casinos or 4D outlets or even from sale of alcohol, tobacco and liquor taxes that the BN government collects and pay the government servants as salaries every month.

If you want to be so petty and down-right stupid as only these frustrated Penang UMNO goons can be, then we should have millions and billions of ringgits returned. And we will be the richest nation in the whole wide world. These
"anak mamis" and former "a/l " who masquerade as Malays and spearhead UMNO in Penang are bitching because, in Penang they have lost out on contracts (once fed with measly scraps by that "tail-between-the-legs" Gerakan and who has the cheek now to plead for more time with the rakyat ( after 5 decades) to reach the same level of efficiency as the Guan Eng administration) and cannot compete on a level playing field are suffering in plain jealousy of the now marvelously run state government both in foreign investments and tourism sectors (remember this state receives zilch from the Federal government as funding for tourism...no thanks to the lessie and ex-tourism minister !)

And now our allegedly wise DPM is wishing these loose-canons had kept the big stupid mouths shut in the first place and not put him on the spot !! So how now Mr. DPM ?

But collecting money via bribes, greased palms and kick-backs are all
"ikhlas" and "halal" in this here Bodohland, yes ?

Just out of curiosity, if I ate pork and consumed alcoholic beverages, is my blood
"haram" and can I donate an occasionally pint to the National Blood Bank ? That's the only thing that's "fresh" in my body and is all MINE and moreover I want to do my bit as a Malaysian to the call of the "national service". Can meh ?

What a joke ! Hahahaha !!!


Anonymous said...

let us the non-muslims have ALL the
unclean haram $$$$$$$$$$ , ok ? tq !

Anonymous said...

I pity the 100 plus old folks who were played out by UMNO's reezals and azhars. Some even sobbing that they had never touched gambling money etc. They were so played out. Kesian. BTW my mum received the $100 and is very thankful for it. It is wang ikhlas from the good and caring govt of Penang. Thank you.

Raja Hanim

Anonymous said...

But they must explain how they got this sudden wealth so quickly.Th3ey have created a new www address. Wealth Without Work.