Wednesday, July 06, 2011

jokers to your right and jokers to your left...

Drawing attention to oneself has to have noble intentions. But drawing negative attention for all the wrong reasons and making a fool of themselves seems to be what these clowns are getting. ( read here and here )
In the first link, 2
"suspect" Malays want His Majesty to revoke the citizenship of the BERSIH2 chairperson Ambiga thus making a fool of themselves as they too are masquerading as Malays without revealing their true identities and in the second link this "clown" as Nazri Aziz wishes to refer him as, needs no introduction for being the infamous "amphibious" politician who rants and raves for every body's blood except Malays in UMNO, is deeply hurt and embarrassed because His Majesty has out-rightly refused to grant him an audience. This so-called champion of /for Malay rights guardian and beloved protege of that old and senile racist Tun has become a household joke now.

So what is to become of these
"cheap-show stealers" credibilities now ? Have they in the first place any right to demand for His Majesty to revoke Ambiga's right as a citizen when His Majesty himself has graciously granted her his royal ear to hear her out ? And by doing so the King has indirectly given his stamp of approval that what this gutsy lady stands for has a case of merit and must be heard. His Majesty has also unwittingly legalised the BERSIH2 movement what the BN government had termed "illegal" from the offset. But His Majesty thinks otherwise.
What will these "jokers" think of next ?

So again, just to get a
"shiok sendiri" feeling to amuse the kampung folks, PM Najib has gotten himself in a tight situation. Allow the gathering in a stadium is to not offend His Majesty, deploying the police to instill fear will keep the crowd small, arresting those wearing BERSIH2 tee-shirts will weaken and demoralise the participants, and in the latest developments, police permits for the stadium venues are still within the PM's influence as government run televisions stations keep continuously playing clips demonising street rallies and glorifying to high heaven of his stellar rule even when we the rakyat have been looked upon in the King's favour.'s tough being a Malaysian, and even tougher being a "thinking" Malaysian......sigh !!!


Truth said...

It is definitely difficult to be a thinking malaysian in these trying times

shanghaistephen said...

Note: I was given a quick lesson on the proper way to address royalty. Thus the amendments made from yesterday's original post.
Thanks Lawrence B.(ex-Museum)

umar said...

Kongres India muslim ( KIMMA ) has been absolved as associate party in UMNO. Now the KIMMA leaders are getting Indian Muslim foreign workers here to get MyKad.This is rampant in Perak and Sabah.
They are secretly allowed to enter the Pejabat Pendaftaran after 4 p.m to prepare relevant documents. The senior officers are in cohorts.
What a treacherous deed to issue citizenship to mamak group ? Even MIC is silent while UMNO is assisting to ensure BN doesn't lose.

Anonymous said...

NO more mamak food !