Monday, September 12, 2011

Penang's Golden Child !

Finally someone in the PR government is actually walking the talk where many could only brag and bullshit about non-events !

Of course here also now comes the frustrated critics who would say the old/former government Gerakan for 50 long years, paved the path for the current administration to implement and credit is wrongly accorded ! I'll tell Koh Tsu Koon now, before he even tries to musters a comment ...... to just shut the fcuk up !

Syabas YB Lim Guan Eng, who has that vision to bring Penang into the light of the modern world in about 3 years of taking the helm ! This younger Lim, say what your frustrated Gerakan ala BN critics, was also the first to put up bill-boards that read "You are now entering a state that says "NO TO ISA" or something to that effect and again takes this little bold step of doing away with the bloody "Bangsa" scourge that we Malaysians have to fill in in every government form right up to even when registering for Astro packages. Damn ! Shame on all these GLC's sucking-up to obsolete rulings of a former mad dictator who ran this country to the brink and to this sickening state for 22 bloody years !

This is the first form that doesn't require you to state your race. From the state's point of view, it is sufficient that you are a Malaysian citizen"........rings so sweet to the ears, and I'd dare venture Penang stays as PR-owned for good !

3 cheers to Guan Eng !


Anonymous said...

pizza hut requires us to state the 'race' if you mau to eat there !!

nstman said...

I dare any m********ker to name me anyone who is better than Guan Eng when it comes to better governance and transparency.

Anonymous said...

"pizza hut requires us to state the 'race' if you mau to eat there "

Pizza hut is owned by Malay businessmen who, by all accounts, are umnoputras.

Show me a successful Malay business tycoon who is not, and that includes the only Bumi in the top 10 rich list, that Syed Albukhary, all his ventures are government linked.

Anonymous said...

Yoohoo, that loud mouth khairy must be fuming mad now! and feeling helpless.

Remember, he once led a group of noisy umno fellas and demo in Penang many times, during Badawi's heydays when the sleeper just won the now defunct landslide victory at the 2004 polls.

Khairy wanted to grab the CM post for umno, and oust Tsu Koon.

Now, not only did umno not get the post, it even lost Penang to Pakatan, and each day, it becomes more permanent.

LOLOLOLOL, good for laughs,..