Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanks but no thanks Mr. Prime Minister !

So today I think I will remove the above 2 images that have been sitting in prayer for close to 4 years on my side-bar !

But first I want to ask some silly questions. What happens to all those still awaiting their day in court but are still in "Rumah Tumpangan Kamunting" ? Does this also mean they will be freed without a case immediately ? What about the charges ? Will they be dropped too or transferred to the 2 new laws ? What about the 2 NEW laws to be enacted after the ISA 1960 repeal ? Will they be the ISA in a new packaging ? Why 2 laws to replace 1 draconian law ? Is the EO completely being repealed or is there another "prawn underneath the noddle" (do your own translation in Bahasa please ! ) gift ? And what about the section 27 of Police Act 1967 over-ruling the Federal Constitution ? Can meh or just talk only ??

Now that the Prime Minister has announced ( here ) of "conditional" gifts of changes which are yet to be tabled in Parliament read very carefully below of what we bargained for all from those many many times many of us held lit-candles in silent prayer at peaceful assemblies but were chased and some manhandled and arrested by Najib's bullyboys-in-blue ;

>The Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960 will be repealed.

- In its place, two new laws will be enacted to safeguard peace and order the detention period will be reduced and can only be extended by the courts, except in cases involving terrorism.

>Three remaining emergency proclamations to be lifted are:

- Emergency 1969, Emergency 1966 (Sarawak) and Emergency 1977 (Kelantan).

>Banishment Act 1959 will also be repealed.

>The annual license renewal requirement for newspapers and publications will be replaced with a one-off permit by reviewing the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

>Reviewing the Restricted Residence Act 1933.

>Allowing greater freedom to assemble by reviewing Section 27 of the Police Act 1967 by taking into consideration Article 10 of the Federal Constitution which guarantees every citizen with the right to freedom of speech and assembly

See folks, we certainly welcome any "gift" Najib is offering the rakyat on this auspicious day with thanks. Sure it does make this day brighter. We Malaysians are a decent lot with decent values and manners. But remember nothing is certain yet as the august house has not passed as law. And we also know who the real puppet-masters are of this government. PM Najib certainly has got may Brutuses' and mongrels within UMNO he fails to see or that Ibrahim Ali and the old and senile Tun. And what about all those pro-ISA hounds ? Will they be let loose now to protest and object ?

Another interesting look here at what RPK has to say about what Najib thinks about ISA and our colonial masters, the British ! ( here ) see, I too hereby want to re-think my first para promise. Nawww.....I think I still want to keep those 2 images on my side-bar until I am absolutely certain we are given a gift with no conditions and counter or substituted laws.

Thanks Najib but no thanks. You still won't get my vote ! And so too from the hundreds and thousands of others in civil society who get cramps in their stomach with diarrhea thinking of all the mega-corruptions and abuses your cabinet and administration dabbles in on a daily basis for the past 54 years which you again failed to address or prioritise !

Happy Malaysia Day !


zorro said...

I linked you in latest posting.

shanghaistephen said...

thanks Bernard.....that explains why I can use my site-meter as a fan today ! hahahaha !

flyer168 said...

shanghaistephen & Zorro,

Good on you mate. Hang on for the what's to come...

After what he did to Ambiga & our Bersih2 Stadium promise...which he reneged upon.

There will be alot of backlash from within his Ketuanan party, his cousin, etc, etc so it could be another flip-flop again...

Many pro-UMNO bloggers are also upset, so Jibby is as good as "Deadmeat"...

You be the judge.


mauriyaII said...

Hi there,
Very heartening to see that you and zorro have not swalloed Najib's drivel like the monkeys in BN, especially the MCA towkays.

Najib is worse than a snake-oil merchant what with his flip-flop about turns when he faces the wrath of the ketuanan types like his deputy, the senile and evil mamak and the ever rabid cur, katak Ibrahim Ali.

To me, whatever he says is another of his PR acts as orchestrated by APCO. He is one insincere scum. When he says that he wants to repeal the ISA and in the next breath, he wants to enact TWO laws (equally draconian, I suppose), he shows his TRUE colours.

I would not celebrate until all the draconian laws that inhibit the rakyat's freedom in every respect is done with, without ANY other dubious laws.

I would not celebrate until the JUDICIARY, PDRM, MACC and other law enforcement agencies are liberated from the clutches of UMNO.

I would not celebrate until the EC is made accountable and transparent for the numerous glitches found in its database. Unless it becomes completely independent and devoid of executive interference, there is no guarantee that elections will be BERSIH.

I would not celebrate until the present AG and the numerous kangaroo judges who take their orders from the executive are removed. A new AG should not be given unbridled powers where he becomes the sole authority to decide on the fate of individuals.

I would rather wait and see what unfolds in days to come before I rejoice.

nstman said...

mr PM, I have one word to describe you: FAKE