Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who's minding the kids ?

Time: @ 3:05am
Location: Changkat Alor, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. ( to be continued.....later)

Okay folks, here's the story....How does it feel when you are "emotionally" blackmailed by kids as young as your own kids ? Children who have to go to school the next morning need a good sleep for at least 8-10 hours. And here in the pictures above are wide-eyed kids who tug at your sleeves and heart begging you to buy single stalks of roses for RM10 each so that they can go home to sleep at 4 in the morning and then off to school at 6-30 am.

Crooked syndicates engage these innocent and stateless Myanmar children who carry a UNCHR card and pay them pittance to peddle flowers to  drunken patrons both tourists and locals, in bars and restaurants along the Changkat area these days. Just as you would have noticed handicapped Chinese adults crawling on their all-fours in busy wet markets in and around the Klang valley, these syndicates have a "tight" operation living off of helpless foreigners. It is these scums in syndicates who thrive on the plight of the unfortunate foreigner who came to this country looking for greener pastures or have themselves been victims of civil strife in their own countries. 

Whatever  the reason for their being in our country, should not the authorities do something about child labour ? It's always a busy stretch, this Changkat area. In fact this is the new Bangsar. And the police patrol this area in their cars every few hours daily. And they are blind ! Can you turn a blind eye to this children ? You now it's way past midnight and you see angelic little faces in neat and clean clothing and speaking decent English selling flowers to total strangers, and you still think it's okay for them to be out on the streets ? If perhaps it was your own child. Think ! And we have heard of corrupt old "pharaohs" sending flotillas laden with goodies to far-away places to save lives and yet wouldn't lift a finger to right the lives of displaced children in our own back yard. What a shame !

My friend KP would have spent about RM100 just buying those flowers and giving to the waitresses, just so these children can go back to their homes in Ampang about 8 kilometers away. He just couldn't bear the thought of kids working so late for so little. One kid even told us that she had to sell all the flowers ( sometimes as many as fifty ) allocated to her daily or she would have to face the wrath of the syndicate. But more often they say it was their mother who makes them go out and sell and sell these flowers to protect the syndicate. I do believe that is so.

See that evasive shifty-eyed fellow on the first picture ? That's Mohamad Hussein the care-taker to these girls daily. He's like the "mandore" who reports to the syndicate. 

Sleep tight and pleasant dreams Malaysians .....whilst these little children peddle their bouquets to enrich their syndicates till the wee hours of the morning. Good 9.                    

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