Monday, December 17, 2012

there's a party on my street.....

 Jalan Kasipillay OFF Jalan Ipoh near Sentul is having its first ever "residents" Christmas street party on the famous bridge till midnight tonight. Of the over 10,000 residents living around the Putra Majestik, KLH,  condominiums about 300 braved the drizzled to be at the party.
 a section of the residents who are made-up of peoples from all over the world enjoying the day-long celebration as "1-one" ( without any sloganeering !) under tents watching the performances on an open-air stage. 
Organised by the Jalan Kasipillay Rukun-Tetanga community centre, some brave parents decided to discard their umbrellas and took to the streets to watch their kiddos doing .....what else but the "Oompa Gangnam Style". I bet you there's never been a day for the past 2 months where you didn't hear this song for 24 hours, right ?.....and its not about to stop anytime soon either ! young lass, I think her name was Melina Victor, even show-cased her solo talents playing  "Jingle bells", "Felize Navida" and "Can't take my eyes off you" on the saxaphone....nice, not great but very catchy and entertaining

 then came the resident carolers......belting out a string of Christmas carol and that was when I spotted the "spoiler" of the night  (picture below........)
a closer view....recognise this fellow anyone ? 

Nevertheless that silly "numero uno" didn't spoil the mood for some kiddies from shaking their booty... 

I have in my time seen a lot of partying but today for the first time I witness party "animals" dancing not only with hand bags over their shoulder but in the rain with umbrellas ! the   party got some residents from the African continent in a swinging mood despite the nagging on-off-on-off drizzle all night long.
Well, that was all I could handle of our street party for today. Remember I still got a lot of "hard" partying to do right to the run-up of the New Year, as has always been during this season to be jolly, so I made my way back home in a slightly heavier drizzle and  took one last shot from my balcony as can be seen below.
All I can say is it was a "good effort" by the organisers. But I do  hope and wish they don't have to politicise every event with that 1bullshit this or 1bullshit that.

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