Wednesday, December 26, 2012

when corruption is a very 'kosher' thinggy !

There should never be anything private about a public appointed position. Well at least where his "fortunes" are concerned. If one declared his assets before being appointed even dishonestly, then all fortunes in real time minus what was declared can be scrutinised and deduced by the public. That is what is expected off, in a first world and God-fearing system of government.

Of course one will  also defend his current "ballooned" assets with his sudden rise in public popularity but simple arithmetic of one's salary, extra benefits, travel claims and allowances would add-up and be deducted to the years of serving in public office, no ?  
So what's the big secret in Najib's administration that one must declare only to the prime minister ? When the head itself is rotten  surely one will use blackmail for "protection" from the head himself. That is typically BN culture. A culture that has been long riddled with corruption-to-the-core. 
Its a "you scratch my balls and I'll scratch your balls" scenario with a 64 dollar "deal or no deal" question thrown in for good measure, right ?

Corruption has always been in any politics but in a smaller scale pre-Mahathir era. This dictator and  "master-of-corruption" Tun Mahathir brought this "art" to greater heights and the word "mega" was coined to immortalise him. He single handedly raped our nation's coffers and amassed all  to himself and created monsters of his select cronnies. Today it is alleged his worth is in the region of about RM40 billion. This has never been proven and will never be. That makes him a corrupt tyrant who ruthlessly ruled for 22 long suffering years while abusing every law and silencing every enemy in his way with his ill-gotten wealth. Money was power and power was king ! 

In UMNO and BN, corruption is a very kosher thinggy, whether you're a Muslim or an infidel.  

And so we now have this moronic progeny of the Tun playing an old familiar song here.

Note : minors reading this blog-no apology/offense intended.
pic above is that of my favorite wild animal. It also translates as how we're being "screwed" daily by the government. 

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