Saturday, January 05, 2013

1comatose re-lived.

The scandals are heaping-up. Sorry, not scandals but accusations and allegations of mega-scandals are piling-up.The spin-masters and cyber-troopers are busy banging away on keyboards refuting or adding fuel to the whole hullabullah. And the elections are a mere 90+ days away. Although campaigning and ceremahs are not in fashion yet any politician from both sides, has with a small audience, makes it a ceremah of sorts for themselves to remain relevant.  An air of pompousness seem to exuberate from them for being privy to inner-circle "facts". That and the chance to spew hatred against the other is enough to be seen as a winnable candidate by their leaders. Or so they think.

The subject of Musa, Deepak, PI Bala, Rafizi, betrayals, corruption, land grab, SDs', cows, jewellery and UMNO is brought up in every conversation in any meeting of 2 or more friends or persons. Political scandals in Malaysia top the list. No politician on both sides of the divide gives a shit if there has been an increase in burglaries in your neighbour-hood or if there are more snatch thieves and robberies then ever before, right now. There's no mercy or any decency left. It's a free-for-all !

And to top it all our 1PM and his beloved FLOM have taken ala Pak Lah's "elegantly silent" stance on all of the above going-ons, and the silence is deafening ! Not a single word to counter those allegations have been recorded. Not one word. Surely  any man or woman who was even remotely innocent and worth his salt would have come out with guns blazing by now, no ? No, but our Mr. and Mrs.1Prime Minister have chosen to ignore or sue these "perpetrators" by brushing these extremely damaging accusations as frivolous barking of mongrels at the moon. 

Or have they actually fled the country to seek asylum in Paris or Ulan Bator ?  Your guess is surely better than mine. 

Have a pleasant week-end. This could be the last "pleasant" week-end before hell freezes over when he finally wakes up from this comatose !


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The end is near for Najib and Barisan but for Tun M the sky is not that high anymore it is getting lower.

nstman said...

I am going mad ... I am checking into Tanjong Rambutan Hospital, an Umno hospital.