Monday, January 21, 2013

4 "hot' stories to screw up our lives.

1. My blogger buddy Patrick Teoh of Niamah fame gets hauled-up by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for posting a note on his Facebook page criticising the PAS-led Kedah Government and its guidelines for Chinese New Year performers in the state. (here

 As Patrick had posted on his Face Book page why must these morons demand Patrick to apologise to the public ? Isn't an apology on his fb page enough ? To start with, what the fcuk is happening in PAS and Pakatan Rakyat ? There is a very heavy price PR will pay in the next GE if these bleeding mullahs don't stop issuing unwarranted "fatwahs" curbing every damn actions of the rakyat.    

2. The Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) has ordered the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple committee in Pekan Bangi Lama to reduce its level of noise and cease religious activities after 6pm. (here)
Now is the time to question what is enshrined in the Federal Constitution regarding "freedom to worship". Sure every Christian church, Sikh temple, Buddist temple Hindu temple and Muslim masjid or surau have prayers and at prayer time, bells ring and speakers blast. As Malaysians, for a very long time, we have been generous enough not to make a fuss just so some faithful of another religion can celebrate  and give thanks to their Almighty. It is called religious tolerance. On the same vein can we also kick up a fuss of the Muslim mosque or surau that blasts their speakers at the wee hours of the mornings ? Surely not. Because that is called tolerance. And to command all religious activities and prayers of non-Muslims to cease after 6pm is pushing it. Can we non-Muslims demand the same from Muslims to cease religious activities after 6pm ? This will also mean that the Muslim cease all religious activities after 6pm.  This will also mean end of the 3 azans after 6pm. Fair or  of no deal ??  And why is the rest of the bleeding PR keeping so bloody silent on this ? And that PAS tag-line "PAS for ALL" means nothing, right ? There certainly are many mini mullahs within screwing-up this "tolerance" level for the future of PR and Putrajaya. GE is around the corner. Don't fcuk it up Pakatan Rakyat !

3. Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali has called on Muslims to seize and burn copies of Bibles which contain the term “Allah” or other Arabic religious words.(here)

Mr.Najib Razak is shit scared to touch this ugly village idiot  for issuing such a seditious remark. If indeed 1PM Najib wants anyone to believe his 1Malaysia crap now is the time to prove it. And this "call" by this bucket of shit Ibrahim instigating Muslims to protect their religion by seizing  the Bibles, including the Malay editions  and burning them is akin to a "jihad" against the Christians and the Sikhs. Ironically even the Arabs have no problem with the word Allah used by others, because long before Islam existed, the Christians and Sikhs who had already "found" had a God and used terms like Yahweh, Abba, Allah and Samy. So why is this ugly pug so special and feared by even the prime minister of this country ? Maybe he has got everyone in UMNO by their balls, perhaps ? And it surely cannot be less "dangerous" the my friend Patrick's comparably pale remarks, which he, like the true gentleman he is, apologised for his one frustrated moment of intolerance. 

4. And finally ex-premier and fake Malay, the old and senile Tun Mahathir, confesses of a citizenship-for-votes scheme in Sabah that supposedly occurred in the 1990's, when he was prime minister with the active collaboration of the crooked Election Commission (EC).(here)
So this "nyanuk-man" sold citizenships to any foreigner as long as he was Muslim and promised to vote UMNO to stay in power. Should he not be tried for treason, corruption and impersonating a Malay in a court of law ? 

The above stories alone this past week is enough fodder for the rakyat to chew on till the next General Election. Lets not go into the corruption in this country, Sharizat, Mohamad Taib or the "listen, listen, listen" story that took centre-stage last week okay ? Or you actually might want to migrate to Cuba....btw, did that stupid moronic lecturer Jorah Miskin pronounced it as Chuba ( try ) ?

Shalom and may Allah help us to choose wisely and vote !


Anonymous said...

Just to get the fact right: Sikkhism came way after Islam, not before!

Tiger said...

My great-grandfather arrived in Taiping 150 years ago.
Now they want to dispute my father's citizenship?
I think some people need to look in the mirror or their ancestry.

shanghaistephen said...

Anon 10:37,
Apologies to have got that fact wrong. Thank you for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...

Quote "On the same vein can we also kick up a fuss of the Muslim mosque or surau that blasts their speakers at the wee hours of the mornings ? "

Well, you will end up detained under the ISA if it is still in force, which thank goodness it is no longer.

DAP Theresa got exactly that, she was detained by polis under ISA by order of that botak Syed Albar after some idiot accused her of asking the masjid to lower down the volume, on behalf of the people who complained about the noise to her.
Way back in 2007, when umno thinks they will contine to win big LOL.

And she didn't even do it in the first place. OMG.