Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm a happy infidel.

The stupid things that are happening in this country is hitting a new high and is getting totally out of hand. We are looked upon as RETARDS by the the world at large, thanks to the  Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) and The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) and His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Selangor ! 

In fact some Muslims here are more arabic then the Arabs to a point of Talibanism !  But I must say a huge percentage of the average and educated Muslim must be irked and ashamed of the increasingly constant  fatwah bloopers created by a handful of so-called "keepers" of the Islamic faith.

First we have these 2 guardians or bodies of Islam, the  Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) and The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) refusing to renew the license of The Crystal Crown Hotel in PJ because they have a Chinese restuarant in their premise that served pork, The management of the hotel came up with a signage on all 3 lifts from the basements with this sign board below.  
This was the result but these stupid Jakim and Jais were not happy because they said the signage was not bigger, brighter or at eye-level. So now they want the hotel to put this signage in huge neon coloured and blinking lights I guess. What kind of shitheads do we have running Jakim and Jais ? These morons are not addressing the mega scandals that's chocking this country even once. They don't care if corruption is bursting at the seams of our government. They ignore the fact that every single dollar note in this country has sometime or other been passed on from someone who had eaten or handled pork. They don't think it is haram if Muslim men fucked China dolls for entertainment courtesy of some Chinese "tau-kay" as "kick-backs". They don't mind being paid fat salaries from money earned as taxes from liquor, gambling and gaming houses like 4D outlets. They are blind to the fact that Mahathir's favourite son is a major share-holder of a famous brewery in the Philippines. They are very, very silent when it comes to all the shit that is splashing from the spinning fan in the form of scandals. They also think corruption and rape and murder is okay but pork suppliers must walk up 3 floors to supply the outlet or they will not renew the hotel's operating license. And in case of fire, everyone takes the then ???  

Are we not made to look like a bunch of village idiots in Medieval times ? This is 2013 morons...just in case you mutts are still struck in the Islamic calender ! And that equally stupid Selangor government is keeping their bloody traps shut by not doing anything about this annoying stupidity. Ooiee MB Khalid......damnit.....say something man !

Haram, my arse....damn these hypocrites. For the benefit of the idiots in Jais and Jakim, you morons forgot to check-out the halal "RM88 breakfast outlet" as my late buddy Freedo used to say, situated on the 5th. floor of this hotel. My arse is more halal as it has never swallowed anything haram before, hahahaha !
Read the rest of the story and comments here.   
As for His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Selangor issuing a "fatwah" on the usage of the word Allah, by non-Muslims, the most relevant reply to the irrelevant comes from this Bishop Paul Tan ( here ) and all I can say is Allah....mak, what a duh ! 

And for all its worth go here and draw your own conclusions.
I rest my case !                              

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