Saturday, February 09, 2013

Be the agent of CHANGE !

Be the agent of CHANGE this Lunar year of the water snake. Like the snake that sheds its skin annually, be the messenger of CHANGE in your home tonight during your reunion dinner. A familiar old story about who you'd kill if you saw a snake in the grass and an ex-Indian, slithers through my slippery mind. (hehehe.....I know what you're thinking......that Kutty bugger isn't ? Jahat lah you ! )

 Give me back the Malaysia gone. Give me back the Malaysia I once knew. If not for me then at least for your fore-fathers' and ancestors' sake.

Drive safe. Don't drink and drive but if you feel like you really needed that drink, drink anyway and let someone else take the wheel, okay ! As for me I'm gonna be getting sloshed by a beach hotel nearest to me tonight ! 

Maaf, Zahir and Batin ! .....there you go ! any dialect of your choice !

Cheers !

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Andrew Gopal said...

Have a great holiday mate. Gong Xi Cai to all.