Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gimme back my country !

If it is not Chinese bashing its Christian bashing, one caption read. Another was to boycott all things pro-PR and not kosher. Wow..what country do we live in ? Corruption is certainly very alive and in the pink of health in Malaysia. 

And to think that we are so diversified in our customs, cultures, religions and races was what made us uniquely "Malaysia" once, I say now we are a totally fucked-up society. A fucked-up society created by the government of the day. A government who has over-stayed its shelf-life. A government that has, instead of unite, divided us and systematically planted seeds of pure hatred to a point that we have to regard anyone we meet and who is discovered to not be of your favoured political party as an instant enemy. What happened to us ? Yes, us from any side of the divide. Or must we ask that damn old bleeding Tun ?

To say we are all putting on a facade in our business meetings and in our personal life, is a fact ! To say we'd be more comfortable with "like-minded" people actually means we'd rather be with those who support the same political party, right ? What hypocrisy is that ? 

But then you'd argue, this government is built on "hypocrisy", no ? The government rides on slogans saying in forked tongues a big  "NO" to corruption, cronyism, racism, nepotism and religious bigotry at the same time "assassinate" the characters of  the opponents with malicious lies, false accusations and claims via doctored video clips  or give out cash in the guise of BR1M, FR1M and all those other shit to induce a person to support the government as in the recently fraud-riddled  GE13. The results of the GE is still not wholly accepted by a majority of the citizens, as when you actually consider the popularity poll percentages of over 54% of Malaysians. 

As to the point of "boycotting" product or to claim "haram" to certain products by some BN friendly NGO's is so stupid. Remember every employee in those companies has got a family to care for and feed. Can you support these families before you ask anyone to boycott such companies ? If you cannot then just shut the fuck up ! Haram indeed but okay to receive like beggars, money the government steals from the rakyat's coffers to bribe you to vote for the government in return. Shame on you morons.

If you ask me, every ringgit that's in circulation has somehow passed through the hands of one who has handled or has eaten pork at some point in time. Does that not mean it is haram to even touch money ?? Get real you fucking hypocrites. Stop this shit now !
Gimme back my country !


umar said...

for the first time , you sound very Islamic indulging in matters of Haram
- by the way the fellow who did hunger-strike , now got appointed as deputy Minister.A pariah indeed !

shanghaistephen said... true. Yes that Waytha types is the very hypocrites I was referring. Now Najib's cabinet showcases a pariah who sold out his kin for position too !