Wednesday, October 31, 2007

good cops..bad cops !

Just when you thought with "extra" police presence, it was safer to walk the streets of Kuala Lumpur...........all hope crushes will this story in the Malay Mail today!!(read here )

So 5 cops (read Government servants ) who have sworn allegiance to up-hold the "Rukunegara" of the country and to serve and protect the public from all things harmful and without fear or favor, have themselves turned crooks ! WHY....WHAT ? They were picked-out in an identification parade by the victim BUT police are "tight-lipped" of the results ! hmmm... I wonder WHY ? One of the suspects has had disciplinary problems and is currently suspended from active duties ! WHY and WHAT for ? The suspects whose remand order ended yesterday were released on bail ! Say WHAT ? But WHY ? And HOW come ?

Now the police are hot on the trail of the master-mind....a civilian and have yet to recover the RM50,000.00 ! Can you blame me for being "sick" after reading stories like this ? And more really disturbs me to know that they are out there on the streets.... on bail and free ! Too many times we have heard of tampering and/or intimidating of evidence and/or complainants !

We have seen the speed the police nabbed these suspects...... only to set them free again....but now let's see if "justice is served " for the poor victim ! In the meantime can somebody answer all of the above questions ???


ahiruDin aTTan said...

no one can answer those questions bro, no one.

Anonymous said...

asked the IGP, ACA and AG. they will have the answers for you. birds of the "black" feathers flocked together. Trinity against CCID chief over an alleged underworld kingpin who has a chequered history! You really have to think hard and wonder why. Is it as what RPK has revealed in his articles. If so, Al Capone must be proud of the infiltration into these institutions.
lawyer acting on behalf of the CCID chief was incarcerated for one night. reason? for not declaring his assets to the ACA! goosh, was the lawyer under investigation for corruption? by the way, I dont remember the ACA asking the mansion king in Klang for his assets declaration, did they?
with all of the above, shanghai why are you surprise with the bad cops? I think you should be more surprise if there are any good cops left.

Zawi said...

Raise their salary! Then they will rob even more. They only rob a small amount. The bosses stole even more