Sunday, March 09, 2008

The tsunami of change is now !

Last night...well or rather early this morning saw ordinary Malaysians put on the greatest show on earth !
Yeesss!... a thumping victory by the "opposition coalition" in 5 states and many "hot-seats" has got the Badawi administration reeling in shock !

Big names and senior ministerial seats have been challenged and given the boot....and even my favorite Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has been ousted ! That's how it has been and will be when the common tax-paying citizens (read you and me !) are taken for granted and are treated like dirt ! Others you know too have made us look like "monkeys" and it is time for these who are better known as dead-wood "Yang Berhormats" to change and be "Yang Berkhidmats" !

Damage control is the order of the day.... Good governance breeds good systems and in my contention, if the system has failed miserably, it is the head that MUST take the whole blame and do the responsible thing ! No blaming the down-line, pointing fingers or "passing the buck " !

It has been an awful long while since, when you could look at each other without suspicions and bias and treating each other as fellow more race and religious based doctrines stuffed down our ordinary throats ! Now is the time ! Let us live as Malaysians respecting each other's cultures !

Again I say "thank you" to all who helped make that change and for being brave enough to stand up to change this arrogant and corrupt system for your children's future ! There's a lot of work to be done now, fellow Malaysians and do watch that man you elected with a critical-eye !
Remember you put him where he is can and must remove him if he doesn't "walk the talk" and his promise for an honest and transparent governance, ok ?

God bless OUR country Malaysia !

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Dave Avran said...

bro shanghai,

i'm in agreement with you. the rakyat, be they malay, chinese, indian or lain lain have spoken collectively. we don't want clowns who propogate race based politics.

congratulations to bloggers wee choo keong, jeff ooi and liz wong. my heart goes out to chegubard who fought a damn good fight with limited resources. the fact that he lost by a slim margin speaks volumes for him.

the mainstream media is still in denial and stll spinning from force of habit. read chun wai's analysis in today's star to see a perfect example of lallang spin. the strongly pro BN dato is suddenly critical of the govt. like duuuh! the tail wagging the dog, shanghai.

make no mistake that net savvy urban voters got their info from alternative blogs malaysiakini, malaysia today, and dedicated and brave bloggers like raja petra, harris, rocky, marina m, jeff, tony yew, shanghai stephen, bernard khoo and blackinkorea just to name a very select few. you know who you are. pat yourselves on the back, boys and girls.

even tun dr mahathir acknowledged the role bloggers played in the tsunami that blasted the ge12.

"where the mainstrean media put on a show, the bloggers worked"

...and before tony yew gets all over my ass for plagiarism, that was a parody of the mca's election poster propaganda.