Thursday, July 30, 2009

help...we're surrounded by scavengers !!

Oh no !'s started already !
I shudder to know what damage 700,000 "village idiots" armed and in uniform are going to do to the existing 96,000 police forces' already bloody and filth stained image ! (read here )

Our PM has even come to their defence, dismissing
protests and the hundreds of reports of high-handed human-rights violations, crimes, assaults, rapes, thefts and video-taping victims in "compromising" positions committed by these over-zealous and half-baked goons nation-wide and mostly against defenceless locals and foreign workers ! Can these goons be reformed ?... have they ?...will they ??? Hmmm....I'll still stick to the old adage "you can't make race-horses out of donkeys" !!! And cheap too ? If we needed cheap....get the Gurkhas ! At least they are decent and trust-worthy ! Hmmmm....see "when you pay peanuts you get monkeys", yes ?

Good luck to you Mr.PM ! With these fellows roaming the streets of Malaysia, you'll most need it sir, to keep the scales of your popularity from tipping ! Or could they even be "planted" there to conspire and give your 1Malaysia a bad name eventually ! I would be very suspicious of them! You too should be, sir !

Read my earlier posts of how I've always felt of these morons here and here more then a year ago !


Anonymous said...

To Zorro tru 'drunkedfish'

You all eat shit...
and senor Zorro your call and words is offensive and strongly forbidden by social custom because it is likely to cause social discomfort. 'Shit' and 'fcuk' around you all every single day. No wonder your son/daughter make a wrong move.

You all Barbarians....I'm deeply proud of what my country has achieved since Merdeka. And you try to sensationalise and distort the social, cultural and political realities. Did you want to hear your daughter say, "Shut up you f--ing crawler" to her own mother! But, this is what you have done to Malaysia - your Mother land. But, I'm not surprice b'cos all of you is Barbarians' amongst barbarians'. That's what you all are indeed.
Senor...If you step over a certain limit, you can be sure what will happened. I know you, your antic volvo, but with the crescendo of protests, friends can turn into foes.
Senor...I support ISA. And I hope you are under police custody under section 73 (1) of the ISA, tomorrow.

Hope you post this comment.

Sgt Pedro Gonzales

batucavesman said...

After hundreds of years, I have just come out of a cave -- only to find things have not changed. We are still acting and behaving like cavemen.