Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"thank you papa Taib "

Meet Ottawa's golden couple.....and salivate while they splash YOUR money like it was their own......and "Thanks to you" papa Taib ! ( read all about it, here )

Can we freeze or confiscate all of Taib's family investments the world over and return them to the rightful owners.... indigenous peoples of Sarawak ? Surely anyone can tell you how much a Chief Minister earns a month, no ? Is everyone in this country so blind to this man and his family's extraordinary and lavish investments ?

Do you think MACC's got the balls to do it ? Does the PM pretends not to know about these million dollar investments ? Or is everyone else minding their own businesses because they too have similar investments they cannot account for ? This is a blatant rape of Sarawak ! Or is there nothing anyone can do ? Are these all just lies that are written in the Sarawak Report ?....or as Taib recently said...... "then the Bumi remain poor and in difficulty....in this way they can be relied upon to stay humble and continue to vote for BN"......oh... the arrogance of this man !

Can a daring native take a class action suit against this plunderer of natives rights and resources still hailed as the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud. I'm sure an awful lot of fellow natives would feel the same and come out in support, yes ? Or do we ( yes.... read you and me too ) all just sit on our arses and bitch about it till kingdom come ?

Yes.....that will certainly be the easier way, right ?........so where are the religious teachers who wasted precious time talking of "devils" and "t's" and "crosses" instead of condemning these corrupt sinners and showing them the right path to heaven ?
Turning the other way, of course.....bloody hypocrites all of them !

1Malaysia ?? ....joke la !


Anonymous said...

HaHa NOW where are the Muftiss is these OK with the Law??? You guys have so much time to pick on small issue such as which jersery should wear and this is Against such law.

So you religious Council can you go after this CM for un islamic law investing in foreign country (Christian country)?? Oops is this OK..


From Land of Hang Tuah said...

Mr Shanghai,

I'm compelled to say a few words as this topic is relevant to me somehow (though personally I'm not from Swk). The problem with the rural folks/natives of Swk is that they are politically blind, look up to those who give them goodies/handouts and they do not trust the opposition who's a 'new alien' to them besides being given a bad lashing by Taib & his cohorts. Some of the natives are even being told that they would loose their land/long houses if vote for the opposition and this is one of the reason they have to support Taib till kingdom come... and it's not because that they really like him or so. Furthermore, Taib & cohorts are good in giving goodies to maintain their presence there and normally what they do is just grab the longhouse 'penghulu' by the balls, give him some goodies and make some scare tactics telling him that if the people under his long house dont vote for Taib's cohorts, he might lose his position as the long house leader & the poor guy therefore will ensure victory no matter how by influencing his people on who to vote for. This is what is happening there now and the main reason why it's tough for the opposition to win in the rural areas of Swk.

But this may not be for long. The younger native generation of Swk is more learnt and understand politics better now & many of them are now studying/working here in Peninsular and are able to see what is happening clearly to this country and they're the ones who would be the agent for change in Swk for the years to come. Many of them are now against Taib's regime & they have even started going down to the ground to enlighten their older generation native folks. Hopefully we'll see some change on the Swk political landscape in the near future soon. The only way for change to happen there is the change factor / driver must come from within, and not from external forces. Otherwise, there's no way can the opposition ever beat Taib & his cohorts.

JENN SHING said...

The natives are blind because Taib wants it that way, so his family can milk the country... BUT don't you worry, the international community will not allow they to enjoy these ill gotten wealth.. REMEMBER the Marcos of the Phillipines? Ya... WE will get it back and the taib family will forever live in shame and destitute... They will pay in good time....

Keow said...

Just keep on exposing these kinda things in full color and sound....I am sure many will see it eventually. I also believe that with the mobile phone itself, many will get to see what was being taken from them.
Hey it is the 21st Century! All them dumb Amno people still think we are kids. Just today, an asshole's picture came up when he pays million of Ringgit for champange and crystals! Dumb arse!
Just think of all those poor and hungry folks here in Malay-sia.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, isn't Taib's Melanau people Dayaks and natives too? From Dennis.