Monday, August 09, 2010

Big-brother is watching you, boy !

Can you read this article ( here ) and if you care to, you'd ask why only these slow paced and almost dead after 7pm cities should benefit when the rest of the country is rocking and rolling with all kinds of crime and criminals. Why not Taiping ? Or Georgetown even ? Or perhaps even Johore Baru, you'd ask, yes ?

I laud the actions of the government for keeping the streets of Putrajaya safe for tax-paying citizens to walk about without fear of being mugged or bags snatched. Yes, kudos to TM for implementing the system and to Putrajaya Holdings to finance the CCTV cameras. But an emergency call can be answered swiftly in a sleepy hollow like Putrajaya, sure, as the traffic is low and the roads are wide and at times almost deserted, yes ?

Putting CCTV cameras at strategic points and at traffic light junctions are what many of us, bloggers have suggested many many times before and for a long time. And in a congested city like Kuala Lumpur is where the
"mat rempits" have a gala time terrorising the helpless, knowing very well how "help" will be stuck in traffic jams before they can actually get to the scene of the crime while these "scums" might even happily have returned home with their loot to a dead places like Putrajaya or Cyberjaya, right ?

It was also suggested the entire city side-walks be absolutely out of bounds for motor-bikes and iron-railings be placed between the side-walk and the road shoulder like in Hong Kong, but do they care or listen? Of course not. Why should they ? And why isn't City Hall paying for and installing CCTV cameras or
"the all-seeing eye" at those above suggested places instead of wasting money on maintaining horses and mounted enforcers ? Maybe to play cowboys and Indians, huh ?

Maybe next Nilai Memorial Park will be the 3rd.
"safe-city" !
As for the picture above go here and read all about another type of "low-life" malady faced daily by our daughters and women-folk in big cities.

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nstman said...

These Umno bastards only take care of Nilai Memeorial Park, Shah Alam Memorial Park, Batu Gantong Heavenly Park, Kuchai Lama Heavenly Cemetery. Why? Because these bastards are heavily involved with tycoons owning these establishments. These bastards want to make sure the well-heeled dead are not to be disturbed. That means making sure robbers and burglars dont rob them in their slumber. Umno bastards are not interested in guarding major cities because city folk are mainly Pakatan supporters. I suggest the IGP set up gated communities in these memorial parks.