Sunday, August 22, 2010

Requiem for MIC or the death of posterity !

I've always maintained that the voice of the common people is paramount in nation building and if leaders and wannabe leaders only "listened", could change the course of a nation for the better.

Take for example this retort from a "youth leader" of a now non-existant and irrelevant party;

"Stephen, well, you're not the one making allegations. You're just a believer of unsubstantiated ones. Oh, and I don't think you hold public office."

Classic example of a failure.....someone who thinks in order to have an opinion you'd first have to hold "public office" and in the process not assuming but makes a wild allegation himself ! Typical moronic thinking......and can only be from MIC and BN ! And sure I do not hold "public office'' but I hold "public opinion" !

Sad isn't it ? And this is the path young leaders in BN today have taken just as in the foot-steps of their "Jurassic" peers ! Anyone with an opinion BUT is not on par as in status or "hold public office" must not be entertained and be dismissed as unqualified and irrelevant. And this is the type of thinking that has steered the now irrelevant MIC on the road to doom and will continue to implode if they perceive opinions are only to be disseminated by those holding "public office" and not the ordinary man in the street. Absolutely arrogant and in denial mode and without damage control !

How quickly they forget March 8 2008 ! We the rakyat will again have to remind them in the 13th. GE once and for all because they have failed us and forgot !!


Tiger said...

It's ok, Steph.
Because the people who talk like "I'm in public office" will NOT be in public office after 2013!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. WELL DONE.