Thursday, April 07, 2011

20 cents in the House !

RM 27,227.20

Pheeewit......Yes that's the right figure above, we the tax-paying citizens of this country pay as allowance to maintain a totally irrelevant washed-out ex-minister. And to add to this wastage there is also a monthly salary for him and his excess baggage of 6 staff plus "other amenities and allowances"! Guess the government also pays rental for his office in prime Plaza Sentral, in the city, right ? ( see full story here )

Has he not raped the country blind and his kind (read "pariahs" as encouraged by his UMNO buddies for allowing "Interlok" to be a part of the school teaching syllabus !! ) for over 3 decades enough ? Has he not siphoned enough ? Has not enriched his kins and cronies to wealthy positions ? Of course it is never enough to keep up with his bloated ego ! Heard also that there's a "Kampung Samy Vellu" in his native village in his motherland, India ! As far as I'm concerned and curiously too he's not even worth 20 sens ! Funny how the government conjured up that magical 20 sens !

Speaking of wasting tax-payers funds I wonder also how much is paid to yet another totally irrelevant yet vulgarly rich ex-premier, the father of racism and grand father of corruption
, the Tun ? Are we also subjected to pay for all the excesses he indulges in ?

Hmmm......this no longer relevant ex-minister really has no shame in continuing to live off like a parasite off the citizenry when he has all that stashed loot accumulated somewhere now to enjoy ! Wonder what's so "special" about him !

And we the tax-paying fools continue to give him that immunity and protection too !
Sighhhh !!


Anonymous said...

Fair comment. But money is not yours until you spend it.

Perhaps Samy should go on a shopping spree, spur the economy and at the same time give back to society.

No point taking money to the grave, it still won't be yours till you spend it.


umar said...

Samy is the saint who saved the indians. He should be framed and worshiped in every indian household in Malaysia next to the regular other deities.that would make samy's dream come true.His son Velpari will be next in queue.