Sunday, April 03, 2011

"pariahs" to the fore !

As long as the Najib administration allows garbage like the "Interlok" to be used as a text book in national schools I would from now on without malice, loosely and as often refer ALL Malaysians of remote Indian origins as "pariahs"...yours truly included !

My forefathers (I'm 5th. generation on my paternal side and 3rd. on mother's side ! ) came to this great country as
"pendatangs" ( and certainly NOT as estate labourers ! ) in the 1800's and from Kerala too...and even more sadly just as that Kutty family). Not that I give a rat's ass what caste my forefathers belonged to back in India, but as far as I'm concerned I'm Malaysian first . Period ! Do I not qualify ? Anything else this equally "pendatang" UMNO government wants to label me is their reason for their imminent down-fall !

Coming back to pariahs, here in this article the 1Prime Minister by his own admission has confessed that the pariahs are slowly
"returning" to BN and it curiously helps to note in particular, Penang. And the poor and innocent Najib is with arms wide open, welcoming them ?

So my question is...
"how many left BN in the first place Mr. 1Malaysia sir ?" You say over 3000 return 'en masse' and hopes that happens also at the national level, yes ? No, better still, tell us what percentage is this 3000 pariahs as compared to those "mat sepits" and "pariahs" who left BN ? And pray also tell us how much was paid to these cheap pariahs to "return" ?

I don't mind if someone resigns from a party and forms an entirely new party, but to return to a party that was and still is after 50 years of arrogant rule, dabbling in racism, corruption and littered with Napoleons, only money and a promise of
"other" such benefits can be a sure lure, no ? After all this is UMNO, renowned for all that is wrong in this once beautiful country of ours !

Let me confidently say here that Penang and Selangor are gone to the Opposition for good and no matter what damage control Najib tries to win them back, the
"pariah and allah issues" will always be haunting BN come election time. In fact 1Najib Tun Razak can soon say adios to Sarawak and Sabah too !

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Fish,

A long time ago 'Pariah " became a verb and an international word. We have Pariah States. And by the way if our YAB PM had used that word during the visit of the Indian PM that would have become a diplmatic incident. Please note that the word"Pariah" is mostly used only in oral form.

I hope that this the last I will hear this word 'Pariah'. As far as the Idian Community is concerned there is only one "Pariah' left in our midst.

In Isalm you cannot make fun of others,defame one another, insult by using nicknames names and you cannot backbite.(49:11-12) But we have the Putrajaya Class that claims to be Muslims freely using the word "Pariah" and to confirm it they have it in print. May Allah bless them.