Thursday, April 14, 2011

coming to RPK's defence ? No way !

The main stream media is having a field day spinning ! Good, after all that's what medias are for, right ?

Who cares about journalistic ethics. It's there for the gullible, naivete's and simpletons and anyone else who wants to swallow it hook line and sinker as the gospel truth ! As longggg as it sells ! Sensational news is what every one's hungry for in their otherwise mundane lives ! And the dirtier and juicier the story you spin, the better ! Today's hot story in all the major UMNO
"friendly" papers and blogs carry the RPK story. A man who's got more pages then Najib on Google image search !

Well I too am guilty of not going to the defence of my dear old friend Pete or better known both in Malaysia and now globally as RPK.

I can't find one good reason to defend him or his good name, simply because I know him maybe a little better(not intimately, mind you !) then most and hey.....he's too big and and famous both locally and globally for me to handle. And moreover, the
"thinking" man or woman will not believe anything that's being said in this government controlled medias about Pete. Sure the media spins for the good of the BN agenda and to make the government of the day look like saints and virgins and sure why not, it theirs, right ? After all everyone knows which side of the bread is buttered and by who's hidden hands, no ?

So to say that I did not run to Pete's aide is wrong. I don't have to lah ! He don't need my reassurance or help. He's a tough cookie and seasoned enough and can and will weather any shit this corrupt and scheming government throws his way. He's been to hell and back and he's got Marina by his side ! He surely don't need me to come to his defence.

You have all heard the warrior cries of fanatics who would kill a fellow human being just to protect his God's /Allah's / Swamiji's name, right ? Have you ever stopped to wonder IF indeed God/Allah/Swamiji needs our protection ? We mere bungling mortals defending the Almighty's name ???...hahaha. You gotta be kidding me if you think the Almighty ever needs US.
HE is THE ALMIGHTY, YOUR MAKER, THE SUPREME and we are !....and you think we must protect HIM ? Or HE needs our assurance in protecting HIM ??? Hey !...wake up morons....please wake up !

Now wait a minute. I know what you're get that stupid notion off your silly head to think if I'm equating and glorifying RPK to God/Allah /Swamiji ! Hahaha.....all I'm saying is RPK is a mere mortal just like you and me, sinful and with many human weaknesses and it would be blasphemous and ridiculous to compared him to any God, but he's a good man and my friend. And he's got Marina ! And he sure don't need me, a small fry-blogger coming to his defence !

Now again stop.......and think ! Why this spin on RPK and all this hype from so many UMNO paid media and bloggers. You got to get the people's attention off the real issues NOW ! Yes Sarawak's burning and soon Sabah's falling and all this "ceramah" walk-outs is looking bad and while the pariah, Allah, Al Kitab, Taib, land grab, corruption, forest-rapes and BN popularity issues are stinking to high heaven and getting UMNO into deeper shit election-wise and you got to divert the attention away from all that bad publicity.

So very quickly spin something....anything ! Just drag this RPK fellow's name through shit and let the people feel they should not make the mistake of voting or romancing with the Opposition. And who else is the people's favorite and UMNO favorite fall guy, only second to Anwar ?....RPK of course !

Get real folks....stay focused on the numerous blundering UMNO issues and vote wisely ! RPK is not raping or buggering you blind but UMNO has for all your lives, ok ?

p.s. Cheers Pete......and Marina wherever you are !


Anonymous said...

Bro what was said by rpk about the state govt in selangor is so so true.I know because i work there and this pr guys are also like the bn fella's everything is about getting a contract or tender.I asked one of them at least wait till the next ge but sadly the answer was nanti miss soru la.
Sadly one political divide is just the same the only difference being one is a thief the other a robber.

shanghaistephen said...

to nstman,
as much as I respect your right to your opinion I cannot publish personal attacks on friends or even brothers. But if you can put a "face" besides being a pseudonym I suggest we stick to the big picture in question-the media !
Cheers !

zorro said...

A superbly master-crafted piece Shang.....straight from the heart and gut....sans soppy, sloppy defence and knee-jerk speculation. Cheers bro. Miss u in Sibu.....found a kopi-tiam 10/4....mite too late but so what!

nstman said...

I respect your decision not to print my comment, Shanghai. I just want to tell you that I was just venting my anger towards this character. This character is a charlatan, liar, thief who goes on his thieving ways with a straight face. Malaysians know who he is. Only God can judge him.

john said...

Jump over to... Someone in team B is putting the screws on the other one. Taib is not moving, so najib's screws may get loose.