Saturday, April 23, 2011

from 1shit-stirrer to another !

The country's biggest shit-stirrer with a "temporary" memory lapse has betrayed the country's largest racist group ! What a disappointment to the ill-plans of Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali !

Maybe this photograph above might help jolt the senile memory of this father of all racist
"nyanuk" ex-premier, the corrupted Tun Mahathir. And this bunch of bigots in Perkasa cannot make up their puny minds if they actually want a 1Melayu or a 1Bumi or plain Malay supremacy launch. What an irrelevant joke Perkasa has become ! And the meeting's in PAS led state of
Kedah too ? here !

Ibrahim Ali or Ibrahim
"katak" (or frog) is a very jealous and frustrated man torn between the success of the Chinese and into thinking the "real bumis" ( indigenious or rightfully original races here such as the Orang Asli, Sepois, Sakais, Negritos, Dayaks, Ibans, Melanaus, Kadazan-Dusuns, Eurasians of Portugese decent, the Nyonas and Babas and the Thai Malaysians in Kedah, Perlis,Pahang and Kelantan before the Minangkabaus, Javanese and Bugis claimed part of that title !) are going to give this moron a rat's shit consideration in joining his stupid and selfish keris brandishing movement ?

Issues such as curbing the massive
"free-for-all" corruption in all sectors of BN governance and UMNO politics, the mat-rempit menace, sky-high costs of living, raping of the enviroment, pollution, economy in dire straits, dubious religious fatwas decreed nowhere in the Muslim world but uniquely only here in Malaysia and racism is the last thing on the agenda of this shallow outfit called Perkasa. Instead they are always screaming of one or the other utopian "ketuanan Melayu" dream and how to disrupt the existing harmony and blatantly laughing at Najib's 1this and 1that crap with disregard to the billions of tax-payers ringgits already wasted on and now their favorite "puppet-master" Mahathir too has distanced his patronage leaving these headless chickens in Perkasa running amok !

My question is why isn't Najib's weak government taking any action against this shit-stirrers ? So many times these mutts in Perkasa have created so much tension and put fear in all peace loving Malaysians and yet Najib seem to be blind and deaf to all these threats to take this country into turmoil and chaos and in total head-on collission to his 1Malaysia tag ! Is Najib actually the captain of this
"sampan" we call home to the very many diversified fussion of races and cultures who have lived in absolute harmony ( save for one major race-related clash back in '69, which was also stirred and spear-headed by UMNO !) and which was once uniquely ours ?

Arrest this frog Ibrahim and throw him and his band of brainless racists in UMNO's infamous Kamunting holiday-camp and let them have a taste of their own UMNO medicine and then maybe...just maybe we'll know if Najib is sincere of his 1Malaysia crap and not giving us mere lip-service only !

We ARE a mature people Mr. Prime Minister..if you must know !


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Anonymous said...

The kriss kisser should slice of his big nose and become Porky Poroky! ha ha