Wednesday, April 20, 2011

how low.... J Lo ??

Launch 1Melayu, 1Bumi screamed the assistant chief editor Datuk Zaini Hassan of Utusan Malaysia to their pay-masters UMNO ! Read the rest of his unsubstantiated views and rubbish here !

First of all Zaini has to ask for a name change of this racist paper to Utusan Melayu instead ! Secondly I am also convinced that UMNO is Perkasa and Perkasa is UMNO! And now UMNO with help from this paper is mocking Najib's 1Malaysia knowing very well that Najib is absolutely powerless to control these mongrels who so brazenly hide behind their political agendas and churns out such hate provocation and inciting racists' remarks in their daily columns in their now dwindling readership ! That's how low journalism in Malaysia has sunk to....from the gutter into the cess-pool !

How can Najib sit back and allow his pretentious 1Malaysia to be trampled upon so blatantly while the very paper that is supposed to be is propaganda tool is destroying what little dignity and credibility he has left with his 1Malaysia crap ? Is Najib acknowledging his failure as a Prime Minister in uniting the various races and accepting his 1Malaysia garbage as a hypocritical
"shiok sendiri" failed slogan ?

I'm sure the man can already feel the daggers are out for his blood and he'd be recorded as the shortest serving PM this country ever had !

Sad...really so sad for journalism.....sigh !


Tiger said...

If these people are not happy, get the HELL OUT of our country, where everyone else wants to live in harmony with others!

Antares said...

Umno is all about junior and senior (and senile) Mat Rempits. The emptier their heads, the more noise they make.

melvin wilbury said...

There is no bad student, only bad senile teacher.