Sunday, April 24, 2011

the "untouchables" ( Pt. II )

Making police reports against DBKL is like telling the devil to go to hell ! What good are reports going to do in UMNO controlled police-stations ? We know the police would not lift their finger to take any action. These reports are not made by UMNO but by Malaysians of remote Indian ???...these reports are made by low caste or pariahs as far as UMNO and the Education Ministry is concerned ! ( here )

Yes I did say in my earlier posts that I will use that derogatory term loosely to describe myself and my race as long as MIC and all other suffering Indian parties suck-up to UMNO and do nothing about removing the school text book
"Interlok" from it's syllabus where it is now openly taught to all Malaysian students in Form 5 literature that all Indians who came to Malaya then were from the low caste or pariahs and to work in only estates ! If these pariahs continue to vote and die for BN with their lives, so be it ! Learn to deal/live with it. I have ! And so has Kamalanathan the Ulu Selangor chappie, who has not replied to my tweet to him congratulating him of his new "caste", meaning he's totally accepted to be called/referred as one ! Have they no shame ?? At least get out of BN to teach them a lesson, yes ?

Year after year right to the very last hour just before voting day be it GE or a buy-election, somehow it will be the damn Malaysians of remote Indian origins, living in rural areas and in estates who will be making an about-turn after receiving a kilo of mutton or an electric kettle from some MIC goon or even a nice Tamil movie treat on voting day just so these buggers stay home watching the high drama Tamil flick, sipping coffee made with water boiled in their new kettle thus miss casting their votes.
Trust me, I've been to enough buy-elections round this country to qualify making this statement !

These are the times I'd like to see what T. Mohan the MIC Youth Chairman and G. Palanivel, the succesor of that idiot Samy are going to do about these 41 marginalised families of Malaysians of remote Indian origins living at the Bukit Jalil estates ! UMNO will just give them a raw deal and some MIC mutt will
"broker" that deal to convince these 41 families to be calm and accept it as "fate" and it works well too ! "Fate" is a word the Indians will readily acknowledge/resign to if all other avenues fail, thanks to the "brokers" within MIC !

Remember we will still be called
"pendatangs" and "kelings" by UMNO no matter what level in society we try and slot ourselves in ! That's how UMNO thinks and rules.

Get out of this subservient mode and change. Be the change you want to see. Vote for change and rid these derogative shackles that has been implanted in the minds of the very young at schools via "Interlok" and UMNO in particular !

And about the part about the 84 police reports and the police coming to their protection....... good joke....and dream on !

**p.s. heard what the squatters in Kg. Buah Pala in Penang got for compensation from the current PR government after the old BN government messed-up their lives ! That should be good enough a lesson, right ?


Anonymous said...

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nstman said...

Lodging police reports is one sick joke these days. It is just like asking someone to lodge a report with the Gestapo against Adolf Hitler. Or just asking Josef Goebbels to arrest Hitler for making seditious speeches against Jews.