Thursday, May 14, 2020

Out of the mouth of babes.....

I never thought much of this "smart-arsed kid" most times and I also detested his youthful challenges but most of all I never liked his sucking-up to that corrupt old racist MahaFiraun like he was a saint and saviour. In fact I really would not give a damn if I ever heard from this boy again.....hmmmm perhaps until now! 

What this Syed Saddiq (I used to casually call him SadDick!)  has revealed two days ago in the media and twitter, is sending shock-waves to every man and women in the street! His frank and open statement was opened the eyes of the public to ridicule the excesses of all current sitting parliamentarians and politicians and I hope it is not one said to spite of being bitter recently with his ousting from his ministerial position. In fact he has gone on to disclose in detail the vulgar proportions of dubious extra incomes accorded to ministers which the common tax-payer never knew of!

This young turk has had his fair share of controversies already in these last 20 months or so in power as a Pakatan Harapan, Youth and Sports minister. From criticism to scandals to demands of recovering the missing RM100+ millions from his predecessor of the former BN government to his hair-brained Go-Jerk rider project and ice-bucket challenge and being invited to all-night "rave" parties with sports equipment suppliers and more recently the break-in to his home and some missing cash of RM200,000+ stashed in his house.

All things considered now I still think this school-debating team champion has a lot to learn and earn his place of respect among his peers. Perhaps I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. And the last thing this boy can ever learn from that old racist MahaFiraun is about honesty, integrity, loyalty and decency! Zilch! Someday and in time he will know what I mean.

Do you think its time to CUT the excesses of tax-payers money paid to politicians and their pensions  thereafter and stop all the extras and keep it only to the bare minimum salary? Do you really think our politicians are worthy of being paid such large salaries? And do they declare and pay their income taxes annually?  
And IF they "hop or jump" camp, they forfeit everything from the government payroll and demand the new party to pay for his salary and sustenance allowance from their own coffers? Will anyone moot such an Act to be tabled in Parliament? Is there anyone with integrity to start with? We can learn from some Scandinavian country where ministers travel to Parliament by bicycle and trains and live in furnished government quarters, BUT will we? 

Now read the whole story of Syed's shocking revelation ( here ) that will blow your socks off!

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