Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Betrayers of the Rakyat - 1st. Anniversary.

Presenting the entire "out'' cast of the tragic downfall (in order of appearance) of what Malaysians, the gullible and naïve tax-paying rakyat, who only 20 months before a year ago, were made to believe, with hopes dashed, a year today. 

And I had warned years before this day (if you care to go and read my earlier postings from 2007!) of why everyone was especially so forgiving of the numero uno character in this dastardly produced 'play' who I continue to focus and refer to as always, The MahaFiraun. 

It was a most painful day for many a year ago like me, who had tirelessly fought the system ala 'David against Goliath' for years and had taken to the streets like me too, so many many times, I forget now, only to be betrayed by a fork-tongued racist, who cleverly conned every politician of the then PH to appraise him up to the highest position in government again. And to have all their trust sold and their "hopes" betrayed by this same  scheming old man! 

I have never forgiven Anwar and Lim Kit Siang nor their families who fell prey to this lying old man, the MahaFiraun. I noticed the unease and fore-brooding body-language of both Anwar and Kit Siang every time they were in this monster's presence. A hypocrisy of sorts. 

But then, so too were the entire PH politicians and their supporters taken in and pitied this harmless old man with a 'blurred-vision' when he cunningly released the photo of his dear old wife, Siti Hasmah, (honestly, I have nothing against this fine old lady.) seated with her head hung low during an investigation in a police station and bingo!... all hearts was "SOLD"! And that folks, is how the devil works.

But who'd have been bothered to have taken a mere blogger's views, thoughts, warnings and voice in the wilderness, seriously then? Really!

P.S.- I don't know who created these posters below, with an apt summary therein but I, for one, tip my hat to this  candid literary critic. Remember thine faces. Thank you, who ever you are!  



Anonymous said...

The mamak will never be forgiven his sin and his chilren .

Anonymous said...

No. 3, 6 and 10 will die a pathetic death next GE.


Anonymous said...

Spot on Mr. Fish.