Thursday, February 01, 2007

No Geography lah!!

This is simply amazing how our esteemed Ministers announce the setting-up of "committees" to a fairly , straight and honest answer to a problem, any man in the street can give in 2 seconds !

Read this and you tell me, do we need a 'technical' team of experts to study the recent cause of floods in the country ?? As far as I can remember, Kelantan was always flooded every year around December !

Blaming God has always been our "divine right" as nobody will admit to the blatant abuse of our enviroment for monetary profits by the respective authorities in cahoots with their crony, as the real answer to the floods itself ! How much of raping of our hills, forest and entire green-lungs have been ,with a quick stroke of a pen (and with always an expensive and branded pen !) turned these nature's gift to mankind into residencial, industrial and commercial prime property ??

Of course it rains the year round here in Malaysia. Thats a fact, we live close to the equator, where there are lots of countries with lots of 'green' . How else can we have so much 'green' if not for rain...huh ? And we are used to tropical storms in some parts of this region, yes ? Funny how once an Irish visitor actually came to our country to witness a "torrential thunderstorm"(his words ) as he had heard so much of it back home !!

But for the last 20 years or so we have had mega projects and massive population build-up or influx of immigrants(our country offers great 'dreams' for foreigners!) and we have seen this growth and demand in every state and at all levels in local councils through-out the country.
Stop wondering please... our drainage system is from the 50's era (built for a country with about 5 million then !) and our highways and roads linking towns and cities with towering building structures are from the go figure out where all this crap is choking its way to.....!!! Go tell your local councillor to stop screwing "mother nature" !
Have you also noticed, we do not have the NE Monsoon from November to March and the SW Monsoon from April to August as in the past and was documented in our geography books ?
Still need a "technical committee" to figure this out ? Gimme a break ! Maybe with "Visit Malaysia Year" we can quickly turn these flooded places into water-theme "Venice of the east" tours for tourists and even make a quick buck in the process !( just kidding lah... my heart feels sad for all those families affected!) As my dear late 'amachi' (grandma) would always tell us when we were growing up ..."no geography lah"...wise words, now you ponder on it too !
God Bless Amachi and to all city folks "Happy City day" and to all Malaysians all over the world, "Happy Thaipusam" !


the witches' broo said...

dear sir,

you are right. i cannot believe all the bullsit i am hearing from them.
by the way. i stumbled on your blog when i was surfing and lurking the net.
i will be visiting again. i hope you don't mind.

shanghaistephen said...

the witches' broo,
Thank you for stumbling into my blog and what can I say but "welcome". Here's to fair comments !
Cheers !

tokasid said...

Sir, I think we know what our problem is. We have greedy, arrogant and 'stupid' councillors and politicians planning our lives. And we put them there every 4-5 years to allow them to rape the country.
They sucks! We too.

Do you think our fellow Malaysians dare to make political changes? I don't think so. And unfortunately we will have to face those groups of 'rapist' again.

PS- My mum just told me, Taiping doesnt rain as heavily as it used to. But the humidity is worse.

Meng said...

A committee is a way of losing the facts and coming out with knee jerk solutions.

One highlight of the Visit Malaysia Year is from June to August when the skies of Malaysia will be filled with our annual smog!!
Great blog!

stand-up philosopher said...

The floods will stop when we stop flooding our wallets.

Gerubuk said...

Perhaps, we can all chorus : Hey Minister of Works, Stop the rain!!

Or, all together please : Rain2 Go Away, Semi Value Wants to Pray!

While the alledgedly newly-established PR firm with foreign PR operatives launch their latest capmpaign : Visit Malaysia to Enjoy its Largest ( Guinness Book of Records ) Transient Natural Swimmimg Pool - Just Bring your Trunks & Power Goggles!!

Just storming on a beautiful Sunday. What drainage - more brain drain la!!


raghu said...

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