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History of the world... pt.2

Much is being debated in this "race-based" country of ours over who reigns supreme over the other and the constant UMNO "ketuanan melayu" and the "pendatang" drama and to challenge what is taught in our venacular schools as knowledge imparted by our "scholars" to the young minds( your kids and mine !) against the wonders of facts gathered by modern borderless technology !

See.....history is determined by the lessons taught within a civil society, pre-determined by a select few so called "scholars", and if in the powers of a demented person and repeatedly fed to us, will be interpreted as the gospel truth. If unchecked this can lead to a total distortion of historical facts and if when a lie is spun too often, we tend to actually believe it as the truth.

Interestingly enough someone sent me this post by email and I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions. As far as I am concerned we are all equal before God. PERIOD !
Remember history favors the ruling and elite's past.....and how desperately too these select few want the rest of us mortals to believe in.

Read this article below on "OUR HISTORY" with an open mind. Cheers !

Prepared by Michael Chick

It is time to define who the 'malays' really are and to correctly define them. To begin with, let us look at the subject of 'Race'. Since Hitler's Days of propagating the 'Superiority' of the Aryan Race, many have scorned from the very mention of the very word 'race' itself. However, certain Malaysian Political Parties still seems to relish in its' very notion of separation. Strangely, they go all out to 'Divide and Rule'. Uniting one race in particular, but not the rest of the country. And they spend lots of time, money and effort to this redundant and lost cause.

Anthropology defines only 5 Races in the World (use your favorite search engine). The Caucasoids, Negroids, Mongoloids, The Dravidic, and the Austronesians. Any other species is merely a combination of the above 5 main groupings. Geographically, Malaysia falls within the Austronesian Category.
Brown skinned people, residing in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Polynesian Islands, Tahiti, Hawaii and so forth. In fact, it is next to impossible to differentiate the Austronesian People, regardless of the country they come from. However, if there is a certain distinctive physical facial feature, which identifies anyone from any locality, it is usually a case of the gene pool not coming from a wide enough resource.

Put bluntly, Incest, or Inbreeding (as Mahathir so aptly put it, in the greater sense of the definition, in his book, 'The Malay Delima'). Inter-marrying from within the community. However, some still believe that it is essential that cousins should marry each other to protect the 'Blue-Blood', and/ or to prevent family property from ever leaving the clan. This unfortunately is in stark contrast to the Mongoloid practice where two people with even the same family names are prohibited from marrying.
In fact, once you remove the nationalities from the Austronesians, you will find a vast interesting and diverse group of people. From the many ornate costumes, to the vast number of religions and cultural practices. The very essence of the Austronesian Culture is bound to intoxicate every observer. One other category, which seems to confuse the issue is the existence of whom locals call the 'Orang Asli'. Technically known as 'Australo Melanesians', they are the direct descendants of the East Africans who migrated out of Laetoli, Africa circa 60,000 years ago. You will also find it impossible to distinguish between an Australian Aborigine, The Malaysian Negrito, or the Philippine Aeta with the Papuan Tribes. So you now have two distinct groups. The first to arrive here are the Australo Melanesians, circa 60,000 years ago, and then you have the Austronesians (from Yunan), who arrived in Malaysia circa 3,000 years ago. Cross-Breeding between the two results in a 'new' category called the Polynesians. 'Poly' meaning 'many', thus accurately describing the many '...sians' which have inter-bred. Caucasians with Austronesians, Australo-Melanesians with Austronesians and so on so forth. For an accurate understudy of Anthropology, country borders are irrelevant, and only serve to create severe delusions of the facts. As the Austronesian Clusters are so diverse, many individual traits start to form in a localized manner. For the sake of individual Nationalism Spirit, many have mutated from its original form. Others, such as costumes and such have taken on slightly different materials depending on what was locally available to them, and was duly influenced by the spice tradesmen of the West who brought new materials. However, they all have their roots in animism, which is still seen in all of greater Polynesia. As such, their religions are equally as diverse. True to form, most Austronesian Cultures have still retained many traits during their animistic days. Hinduism also has played an extremely large role in defining rituals, and is most obvious in local Austronesian Wedding Customs. The concept of Sultan and Maharaja (Raja in short) is also of Hindu origins. The Sultan is equivalent to the 'Son of Heaven' concept of China. Therefore, 'Duli Yang Maha Mulia' (He who is of Supreme Nobility). So is the double-handed praying-gesture when addressing someone of importance, or when addressing the King/ Sultan. The local bomoh will attest to a combination of animistic, and pagan practices with Islam. Frowned by authorities, but still permitted to practice; with or without a license. Exorcisms, prediction of lottery numbers, healing the sick are among the many many functions and duties of the local Bomoh. He is also often seen to grace important venues, holding back the rain, or invited to special occasions and functions; sometimes, by the very people who scorn his pagan 'superior powers'.

While it is true that a large number of Asutronesians are of the Muslim faith (but not in the greater Polynesia), it is also important to note, that (in South East Asia) the majority of them converted en-masse during the late 19th Century just prior to the Krakatau Volcanic explosion. Impending 'Doomsday' brought about a massive conversion from the previous 1,500 years of Hinduism. Why the Balinese, the North 'Sulawesians', the Kalimantans, the people from Flores, the Papuans and the central Javanese never converted, we will never know. Perhaps they never heard of the impending explosion of this volcano, or that they were simply too far away to care.

Read 'Krakatoa': The Wrath of the Earth and how it turned Indonesia Muslim by Richard Ellis.

Travelling by air from Jakarta to Bali will present you with an unprecedented view of many active volcanoes along central Java. (a possible 'peek' into the past of the pre-Krakatau days). '... Kejawen is the actual and true religion of most of the Javanese people, but they have been forced ever since 1947 to identify themselves as Muslims, thus swelling the number of declared Muslims into the majority ...' -John Valentine

For those wanting to read more on Kejawen can turn to:
Again, use your favourite search engine to research/ your 'Kejawen' materials.

Spending the past 3 months in Indonesia has allowed me to to make many ground-level observations firsthand. For those keen, make your own observations, and studies.
Aceh, in North Sumatra of Indonesia is actually an acronym few are made aware of. A=Arab, C=Chinese, E=Europe and H=Hindi (India). The diagram below offers a much known migrational origins of the various Austronesians ( only known as 'malay' in Malaysia). To further confuse the issue, Indonesia, defines a 'malay' simply if you come from 2 regions. The Riau (formerly known as riuh, meaning 'noisy') and its neighboring islands, as well as to the Brunei inhabitants (who probably came from the same Riau region). But regardless, circa 75% of West Malaysian Austronesians are migrants from the Island of Java (Batavia), thus should be called Javanese instead of 'malay'. Even better would be the preferred, and correct name of Orang Ambon. For the record, in Austronesian language, 'Orang ...' simply implies the place of origin. As such, 'Orang Aceh', does not mean the 'Acehnese Race', but people from Aceh. Similarly, 'Orang Jawa' simply means 'People who come from Java. Nowhere has the word 'Orang' (in its original sense) meant 'race'. 'Bangsa' transalates as 'Race', while 'Warganegara' transalates as 'Nationality'.

Hence, no one ever talks about the 'Singaporean Race', even though one might refer to them, as 'Orang Singapura', or 'Warganegara Singapura'. Now, using the same definition, 'Orang Melayu' means people from Kampong Melayu, Jambi, Sumatera. Somewhere along the way, some bright spark decided to 'upgrade' Melayu, from Kaum (tribe) to Bangsa (Race). Noble, but wrong.

For reasons best known only to the Individual Local Governments, the very insistence of a 'malay race', as well as the concept of 'Ketuanan Melayu' (Lordship of malays) continues to elude the Academia. who exactly are they referring to, when they mention the word 'malay', and who exactly do these 'malays' have Lordship over? Is this concept of Lordship then, just as ficticious as the 'malay-race' definition itself? In closing, the above picture is an 'In-Your-Face' challenge, to see if anyone can accurately identify, which tribes these Austronesians are from, or next best, which country they each originated from individually. (FYI. The flower garlands could be props from dancing in front of hotels, or actual ceremonial costumes)

Wherever they come from, I'm very sure that once the Austronesian Race is correctly identified that the UMNO's demented definition of the word 'malay' would cease to be significant. Just like the very existence of UMNO itself. By the same definition, Mahathir resumes being an Indian, Badawi is once again part-Hainanese, part Pakistani, his former wife, part Japanese, and his present wife, Portuguese.

And so, looking back, Malaysia never had a 'malay' Prime Minister since independence. ...... t-o-u-g-h.
For now, we are all looking forward to the unification of all Malaysians, and not any individual 'race' from any particular Political Party. And no matter many kilos of C4 are used, one can never take away the Beauty, the Charm, and the Mystique of the Greater Exotic Austronesian Race.

But for the record, Malaysia cannot unite, unless, you first correctly identity the 'malays'. Do some soul-searching. Ask your relatives, most will gladly tell you where you came from. The only people who obviously cannot possibly remember, are the Orang Asli's. They have been here since 60,000 years ago. Far too long for any mortal to remember.

And they, and they alone, my friends, are the True and Only Bumiputra of this land.


zorro said...


Whitelight said...

Well done, now we pray this excellent information not only falls on the so called "ultra malays" but it actually permeates their skulls into their brains and sinks in!!!

Ketuanan - ha ha ha what a laughable concept.

Did you hear me laugh ? - ha ha ha ! Go pull the other one.

Knights Templar said...

Good piece bro , hope you dont mind me using it . thanks

shanghaistephen said...

knights templar,

info on the blog is for everyone's need for permission.
Cheers !

Edyes said...

To poor Micheal Chick and those who are agree with the junk discovery,

You've come here to teach our origin? please not to ask a such fool thing that would bring unstable to our country. You have your right as a Malaysian. You still have your equal rights BUT how do you describe the word 'equal'? how bout by ratio..

By any chance if Micheal Chick is a chinese, he should being thankful not to be a coolie in his origin country PRC.

We Malay will defend our country at ALL COST! dont temp on us.

Mat Salo said...

Sorry Stephen,

I cannot help but be moved to say something to your commenter "edyes" since I find his statement racist and provocative.

Edyes, I take exception to your statement: We Malay will defend our country at ALL COST!

Is 'our country' only for 'we Malay'? You mean the Chinese and Indians in this country don't consider this their country too? Why 'We Malay' only? I went to your blog and am surprised that you are a Keadilan supporter, bro'. I thought you should know better that Keadilan espouses tolerance and racial harmony / diversity.

If you say, 'we Malaysians' will defend our country at all cost then I'll let this pass...

Layman said...

Where is those fact came from? Is it trustable? Well for me this is new and hope this will further enlighten those tht still soul searching.... Anyhow be it as Malay, Java, Austronesian or hainanese - it stand for ORANG MALAYSIA and YES we are indeed a proud malaysian....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Pak Lah's wife is portugese?? Funny, she looks asian to the core to me.You mean she's got a drop of portuguese blood from a thousand generations back? I love how people whose ancestors centuries ago intermarried white men still call themselves "portugese, english,etc" when their white blood has been diluted to almost nil still consider themselves white although they look 100% asian now.

Edyes said...

my brother salo,

maybe i'm a bit emotional after reading that green artikel. I believe that I'm anti-racist and also as keADILan supporter, I'm forward to peace & harmony between our friend chinese and indian.

as I said many times in my blog, we should abandon the racist-political-based. Thats what I stand for.

so now, I make apologize to all who have read my previous post. I pull back my words by saying WE MALAYSIAN WILL DEFEND OUR COUNTRY AT ALL COST.

Thanks for reminding.


Mat Salo said...

Bro' fish, if I may pass this way...

Bro' edyes, actually bro' I regret hitting the send button because I'm sure you didn't mean it. So unlike you... Thanks bro.

Anway bro', all is well. Ma'af lahir batin, selamat menempuh Ramadhan Mubarrak...

"Kosong-kosong", ya? :)

Edyes said...

Its ok bro salo.

no hard feeling... ceh..

Nostradamus said...

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kulitpisang said...

UMNO tak Rasis!

Ketua UMNO Bahagian Bukit Bendera, Datuk Ahmad Ismail, didakwa berkata, orang Cina adalah pendatang yang menumpang di Malaysia dan oleh itu mereka boleh mengharap mendapat layanan sama rata.

Ini di petik dari laporan Kenyataan ini telah di bantah oleh UMNO sendiri sebagai bukan suara UMNO. Pemuda DAP (Dapsy) telah membuat laporan polis di Perak, Selangor, Melaka, Pulau Pinang dan Negeri Sembilan. Tindakan membuat laporan polis juga di buat oleh MCA dan Gerakan.

Datuk Ahmad Ismail memberitahu bahawa beliau tidak akan memohon maaf walaupun Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak telah berbuat demikian.

Sebaliknya, kata Ahmad, beliau tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan.

Ini merupakan reaksi pertamanya sejak tercetusnya kontroversi itu minggu lalu, ekoran ceramahnya sewaktu pilihanraya kecil parlimen Permatang Pauh yang didakwa telah menyinggung perasaan masyarakat Cina negara ini.

Menurut Ahmad, beliau tidak berkata atau melakukan sebarang kesalahan, dan oleh itu, tiada sebab baginya untuk memohon maaf.

Katanya, beliau akan mengadakan sidang akhbar khas di bangunan Umno Pulau Pinang Sabtu ini berhubung isu tersebut.

Sidang akhbar itu akan diadakan selepas mesyuarat badan perhubungan Umno negeri yang akan dipengerusikan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Sambil menafikan bahawa kenyataannya itu berbaur perkauman, Ahmad berkata, beliau berkawan dengan orang Cina dan India sejak kecil lagi.

Sehubungan itu, katanya, beliau tidak pernah dan tidak akan menjadi seorang yang bersifat perkauman.

Ahmad turut mengecam laporan media yang menuduh beliau mengelak daripada bertemu dengan wartawan dan jurugambar yang menunggunya di luar balai polis Seberang Perai Pusat di Bandar Baru Perda sejak dua hari lalu.

“Saya tidak minta mereka tunggu. Jadi mengapa mereka tuduh saya lari dari mereka?” soalnya.

Ahmad telah memberi kenyataan di balai polis negeri di Georgetown malam tadi, ekoran beberapa laporan yang telah dibuat terhadapnya.

Kes tersebut disiasat mengikut Seksyen 4 (1)(B) Akta Hasutan 1948 yang membawa hukuman denda tidak lebih RM5,000 dan penjara minimum tiga tahun, atau kedua-duanya sekali.

mat kepit said...

Melayu ada Tanah Melayu... Cina ada Tanah Besar Cina... itulah asal usul korang semua... apa yang nak fikir teruk2 sangat... susah2 korang baliklah ke tanah asal korang... melayu balik tanah melayu...cina balik tanah besar cina...apa yang susah bebenor ni?

Knights Templar said...

Mat Kepit , bila pulak hang nak balik Indonesia ? Kalau hang bahalol sangat dan nak tahu , tanah melayu ni di namakan oleh Raja Cholan dengan nama "MALAIYAM" bermaksud Negara Berbukit dengan referal to Banjaran Titiwangsa.Jadi pendudok yang datang dari setiap Nusantara dan mendudoki tanah yang bergunong ini di namakan Malai Makkal. 'People of the land of the Hills.So bila you nak pulang ke Indonesia bagitau abang yeah, i siapkan tambang.

Anonymous said...

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