Tuesday, October 11, 2011

more sex please , we're Malaysians !

This country thrives on sex. Anything and everything circles around sex. Sex is such a great seller of news in our country that anything remotely "sexual" hits the papers/blogs before you can blink your eye-lid. Whether it is heterosexual or homosexual or perverted sex, who gives a shit ? The more sordid the better and the bigger the "player" the juicier the news. Sex is a campaign "ceremah" hit topic !

Our politicians, at any given time, are engaged in some kind of sex either physically or verbally somewhere. Even in the august house sex and sexual discrimination ( that animal Dung errhh....Bung comes to mind !) is always a popular and laughing matter ! No, the judiciary too has it's fair share of carnal knowledge in chambers. The police and prisons personnel "negotiate" their share of "forced sex" ( ask those pretty ladies who have been "propositioned" at road-blocks and police stations or the many sexy female illegal "dolls" holed up in detention centres....but of cause "brotherhood" is a strong bond and denial is instant, cos no "victim" wants to walk on thin ice fingering these "predators" for fear of back-lash, right ? Sex is the most sought after medium in transactions or to "buy" favours in businesses with the authorities apart from that obvious cash inducement. What are we thinking of Malaysians ?? Sexual favours are most welcomed here. Fornication is cool and easy for those in "POWER" !

Do we have to put up with the daily grinding of the "pelvis against pelvis or sometimes butt" to run this country ? It is so shameful to read day after day about who humped who and and who was caught humping where with whom ! Get a life people, there's more to just sexual rompings. We gotta run a country here, not talking about someone else's sex life or preferences and endlessly harping on sex hoping the real and present problem, of putting food on the table and improving our lives and neighbour-hoods, will go away ! Damn ! It was even rumoured that our prime minister knew the sexual preferences of one dead Mongolian model. But that is all hearsay, no ?

So there you go people, get a life and stop bitching about who our leaders are screwing right now. The fact is even while you are thinking about it, you ARE being screwed-blind by our politicians as they take you for a ride to nowhere ! There are a hundred things you can do, but lets start with getting rid of these holier-then-thou hypocrites and sex-mongers who double as politicians and clean up this sex-starved government. If it is possible let's castrate this scourge from our lives and start voting-in people with the rakyat's interest foremost and with the highest respect for every citizen regardless of race or religion, on their road to fame and greatness !

p.s. One sicko friend remarked jokingly that if yours truly were caught screwing on camera in some private room, tomorow's papers/blogs will scream "Munir caught fcuking......again" ! Poor Munir, but that was said in jest surely..... yours truly is certainly better looking, yes ?


Anonymous said...

If we vote for a man whose philandering ways liken that of a porn actor, and who betrays the trust of his spouse,then we put ourselves in a situation that the man might someday screw and betray us too.

If we do not wish for him to be a leader of us and our society, then we must not give him that position.

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that a person who is inclined to betray the trust of his spouse, is likely to betray the trust of others.

Eugene Kok

Anonymous said...

Spot on Fish ! here the proof to support your story.

Obedient Wives Club publishes explicit sex book
By Debra Chong
October 12, 2011

Previously, the club’s vice-president, Dr Rohaya Mohamad (right), had provoked an outcry for advising women to behave like “a first-class whore” while in the company of their husbands. — file pic
KOTA BARU, Oct 12 — A Muslim man can have sex with all his wives at the same time, according to a controversial new book on Islamic sex by the Obedient Wives Club (OWC).

Titillatingly-titled “Seks Islam, perangi Yahudi untk kembalikan seks Islam kepada dunia [Islamic sex, fighting Jews to return Islamic sex to the world]”, the explicit book aims to guide Muslim brides on how to pleasure their husbands in bed.

In its foreword, the pro-polygamy OWC said its studies showed women only gave their husbands 10 per cent of what the men desired of their wives’ bodies.

Malay-language daily, Berita Harian, reported today the Malay-Muslim community was upset the book featured on its front cover the polygamous leader of the outlawed Al-Arqam religious sect, Asaari Muhammad, and also objected to its extremely graphic visuals.

An extract on the back cover reads, in Bahasa Malaysia: “Selaku pemimpin roh, kebolehan yang Allah izinkan kepada mereka ialah boleh serentak dengan semua isteri-isteri melakukan hubungan jenis. Manakala kalau isteripun orang roh, lagilah hebat. Ke mana-mana terbang untuk atau sambil melakukan hubungan sulit itu dalam keadaan lebih nikmat dan lebih ringan dibanding dengan perlakuan yang menggunakan fizikal. Untuk itulah Abuya sedang proses isteri-isterinya ke arah roh.”

In English: “As a spiritual leader, Allah has granted him the ability to have simultaneous sex with all his wives. And if the wife is spiritual, the sex is greater. They can fly anywhere for sex, it is more enjoyable and easier compared to physical sex. For that reason, Abuya was processing his wives towards the spiritual.”

The paper noted that explicit sex details littered the book’s 115 pages, and cited as another example chapter eight which deals with “how sex becomes worship”.

“Kemuncak cinta kita ialah celah kangkang. Tangan, kaki dan segalanya terdorong kuat untuk menuju ke situ [The peak of our love is the cleft in between. Hands, feet and everything are strongly driven there].”

The sex book has not been banned but Kelantan mufti, Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad, has stepped into the fray to play down the emphasis of Islam on sex.

“The Al-Quran explains the ‘wife clothes the husband and you (the husband) clothes the wife. ‘Your wife is the field and therefore come to your field’,” Berita Harian quoted him saying today.

“Islam touches on sex in a civilised, polite and non-lewd manner. So we should not detail it in such a way as to give a negative impression,” Mohamad Shukri added, saying sex in Islam was described in symbolic terms.

This is the second time the OWC has hit the headlines. Previously, the club’s vice-president, Dr Rohaya Mohamad, provoked an outcry from women’s rights groups and Islamic religious authorities for advising women to behave like “a first-class whore” while in the company of their husbands if they wanted their marriages to succeed.

Anonymous said...

@Eugene Kok... why you tok so much kok, bro? You worried Anwar "might screw and betray us too"....

ANYBODY IN POWER is capable of screwing the rakyat - in fact, that's what almost every government on earth has been doing for generations, you born yesterday ah?

Anwar is nowhere near being the PM and Pakatan Rakyat is NOT YET in power... and already you're worried? How about being "screwed and betrayed" by UMNO/BN for at least 40 years... you got so used to it, you don't notice anymore, izzit?

You prefer a pink-lipped playboy who has probably fucked 20 times more women (dunno about men but we hear defler oso enjoys playing backside with Mongolian beauties)... and who has BEYOND ANY DOUBT been part of a pirate conspiracy to steal BILLIONS of our money... talks with a forked tongue and deadfish eyes... has an ugly greedy grasping witch for a wife... and cannot be prosecuted for whatever crimes he has committed becos he's the Crime Minister?

Sorry lah... you are too pathetic.

Anonymous said...


'good morning...can I apply for the post mentioned in STAR 2day please?'
" your sex ? "
' ...I belum kahwin yet !'
" ...please check it 1st."
'...sir...I'm still virgin lah ! '
" ...?...?..."