Saturday, October 22, 2011

more sex please , we're Malaysians ! ( pt.2 )

Saturday October 22, 2011

PETALING JAYA: The Obedient Wives Club (OWC) stirred up fresh controversy when its founder claimed that spiritually, a man can have sex with all his wives simultaneously.
Here we go again......sigh ! Sex, sex and more sex ! What a way to run a country ! Sex seem to be uppermost in her list of priorities in this trying times ! (see my earlier post here )

founder Hatijah Aam, who is also the author of the controversial book Seks Islam Perangi Yahudi Untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam Kepada Dunia (Sex in Islam Wage War Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World), said that when a man reached the highest spiritual level, “he can appear in multiple apparitions and have sex with his wives even though they are in separate locations”.
...yaaah...right you pervert ! He'd be out there masturbating thinking of his many wives !

“We never said that a man can have an orgy with all his wives on the same bed.

Ohhhhh what a spoilt-sport this woman turns out to be, coming out with this new defensive denial ! Just when I was contemplating conversion ......sigh !

“That is not allowed.

And why not....everything else screams of pure lustful sex, no ?

“What we meant is when a man has reached the highest spiritual level, he will be granted the ability to have sex with his wives spiritually,” she said.

For God's sake get real woman ! Which planet are you from ?

“This is how men who were at war in the past satisfied their needs,” she said at a press conference here yesterday from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, via Skype.

Hey moron.....those babarians raped every child, women and camel they laid their eyes on !

The club is going ahead with the global launch of the controversial sex guide despite protests from women's groups.Hatijah said the book would soon be launched globally in countries where OWCs have already been set up, including Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Britain and France.

This sex starved "prostitute's" ( I'm using her term from an earlier declaration on why women need to be prostitutes in bed when satisfying their husbands ) making the Kamasutra look like a Mills & Boon romance novel, yes ?

However, the club does not intend to launch the book in Malaysia.

This "brain-drain" of launching her book elsewhere is most encouraged....we have a country to run !

“The book was meant to be circulated among our members only.

Members ?......forgot to mention sex starved cult members, aye ? Are our women that hard-up of sex ? What am I missing here ?

“We knew that the public's reaction to the book would be negative because they do not understand the concept,” said Hatijah, who is also the wife of late Al-Arqam founder Ashaari Muhammad.

What concept my dear horny Hatijah ? The concept of plain wanton sex cloaked as a religious act ? If multi-partner sex orgies was religious all porno stars will surely go to heaven....and your late and randy hubby will surely be still having "spiritual sex" from his grave....ahah !

Women's groups like Sisters in Islam, All Women's Action Society and the Women's Aid Organisation described the book as a cheap publicity stunt designed to raise the profile of the club.

Hatijah defended the importance of the detailed sex guide on grounds that sex is God's gift to married couples and they should be educated on the ways to approach it.

And orgies are the devils creation which I'd happily and readily partake in....woot woot !

“Sex is the main reason people get married. And in a way, the climax is like heaven on earth,” said Hatijah. WAS the main reason you got married you nympho ! Just what is this woman smoking, huh ? I'd like some too !

She also explained that like praying, sex between married couples was also a pious act.

“So, why can't we teach people how to do that in a pure way?” she asked.

Somebody hold her's a gang-bang !


Tiger said...

Something wrong with these people lah.
Our economy is going down the drain thanks to BN, and so many social issues we have to resolve without distractions from these kind of morons.

Anonymous said...

I want to be a member : HOW !?

Anonymous said...

I really hope that their words were taken out of context. But looks like I am too naive...

Anonymous said...

Just imagine after having married 4 wives and sleeping with them on rotation basis, a Muslim man can attain spiritual ability to have sex with all his wives without physical connection. The movie 'Entity' come to mind but I digress. Kindly tell me what is to prevent the so called Muslim man from having 'spiritual sex' with other women who are not his wives (again 'Entity'). How more absurd can you get! If you can guarantee me this spirituality aspect of this religion that heck yes..I want in...where do I sign in?!?! The very least from this is that I won't be straining my back from all these joyous 'activity'!!!! Oh, happy days!!!!!!!

Donald G.H Tan said...

Haha! I like the part about the...camel!!!