Monday, February 20, 2012

Arab stink.

We write the names of our city streets in their language for their convenience and even built an Arab square with arches and all for them to gather in the heart of the city and we treat them like they are all millionaires.

We treat them with utmost respect because they are visitors to our fair country. We wish they take back pleasant memories of their stay in our beautiful Malaysia and that they will in turn tell their friends and visit us again and again. Their US dollar is a boost for our country's economy and their tourist dollars help put food on many tables. Many in the hospitality industry depend on their generosity to make a comfortable life for themselves and their families.

But we don't deserve this kind of shit for all the money in the world nor their bloody presence here. This vermin brought his Middle-ages thinking to our country. He took upon himself to be the high-priest of morals and assaulted our citizens with his barbaric act like they were his slaves. This "talibanised" Arab who'd not hesitate to hump a camel given half a chance, was also thinking he'd impose his medieval religious views on our citizens. We will not stand such social hypocrisy from this bloody low-life Arab. Read the rest of the story here .

What have our police done so far ? Have they made any arrests ? What about the foreign ministry ? I hear there was a recording of the attack , yes ? He has beaten 2 of our women folk and has fled the scene, without paying his hotel bills and maybe even fled the country. Are we going to sit by and allow this bullying women-battering moron get away ? Are we going to let strange narrow-minded foreigners to slap our citizens around and get away with it ? Let's hope justice is served for our people.

Nobody treats us Malaysians like shit.....especially foreigners who have been pampered and treated with warmth, respect and friendliness. We don't fcuking well need your money.
Capish ?

** p.s. Col. Henry, thanks for the leg-up !


Antares said...

Decent, sane and reasonable humans don't need Arab money... but UMNO does! Hahahahaha..... prrrp! (sorry, I laughed till I farted)

Anonymous said...

Our Police force is useless. As usual, no police man or woman would like to handle any case like this one. They are so scared of foreigners even those from the neighbouring islands! They only know how to bully the poor Sabah people and "cari makan" ! Sorry lah!

Anonymous said...

Arabs!!!, you see the men and their young sons around KL, all dressed ruggedly and in casuals, but their womenfolk have to tag along behind in the shopping malls, covered in all flowing black ropes, from head to toe.

The imagery is one of, WTF,.. you will think, what kind of status women have in Arab country? Even their sons look more assertive and in command then their mothers who have to toe the line behind the men, and these men can ogle at the local girls but their wives remain hidden like some plague.

What the F^%k, Arabs!!!

Anonymous said...

in KLCC , once i saw 5 real black figures whole badan2 covered kecuali the eyes ( 2 wearing spectacles) have their photos taken !