Thursday, February 09, 2012

UKRC-Toyo's nightmare begins...

Have you ever been to the Ulu Klang Recreation Club ? Played football in their well groomed and maintained field or attended a social event at any of the club's function rooms ? I have been there a few times. A truly united and multi-racial Malaysians from this neighborhood mingle freely with one and all, and goes beyond all of the current bullshit slogans like 1this or 1that crap since the Muhibah days of old !

Membership is by being a resident in the vicinity and being approved by a committee. A committee that has the community in the Ulu Klang area at heart and are all volunteers. No politics or power in being a committee member here. A Recreation Club sitting on prime land, run by volunteer residents and with no ownership claim by any individual and given to the residents by the then District Officer way back in 1954 !

Until one former Chief Minister decided to
"gazette" the club's ownership ( this club was built on state land with a dollar-to-dollar match between the residents and the then 19954 government) and appointed the Local Council to over-see on behalf of the state. He was none other then that weasel and corrupt Javanese dentist turned Chief Minister.

Residents appointed president Andrew Gopal has been madly passionate about the legal status of the club ever since the club was gazetted by that Khir Toyo government and Andrew has held the helm steadily seeking ways to legitimise the status of this club as a
"residents" club without interference from the state. Numerous trips and fro the various government departments the residents and Andrew went trying to "de-gazette" the status of the clubs fate. One paper stood by the club, tirelessly reporting all that went on. Yes the Malay Mail has always been championing for justice for UKRC. It has been far too long that the status of this club has been in limbo since the gazette ! Andrew has official documents endorsed in government ledgers to prove that the club was indeed entrusted to the residents of the area by a District Officer back in 1954 and yet no signs of confirmation from the new PKR government that had promised justice for UKRC before the 2008 tsunami !

Andrew tells me that he and the residents attended a
"hearing" before some honorable select committee to hear of the "de-gazetting" of the status of the clubhouse and field recently but with a peculiar condition that they are NOT to be assisted by solicitors.(click on image below for larger view ) Will this committee present it's findings to the now PR Chief Minister Khalid of Selangor for his verdict in giving UKRC back to the residents of UK ? For sure that former "tempe" Toyo tried hard to finger the ownership of the prime land, no ? And with a few MCA "vultures" waiting in the sidelines with personal agendas of monetary gains too, yes ?

But for Khalid and all PR, the ball surely is in your court now. Stories of too many 2008 election promises have not been delivered seem to leap out of the closet and if the verdict from MB Khalid's office is not in favour of the residents of Ulu Klang area, the residents will have their day the next time they stroll near a ballot-box !

So listen up all you PR in Selangor, fcuk this up for the residents of UK and PR is fcuked in UK come the GE13 !

**go here for past UKRC news written by my dear Yushaimi Yahaya of the MalayMail.


bruno said...

If simple things like this(small matters)cannot be settled by an incumbent state government,then they should get the hell out of the people's noses.Maybe go help Cow's Mama tend to the NFC lembus.

Andrew Gopal said...

Yes Stephen,

Its our hope that PR Government and MB Khalid will deliver its Election promise to return UKRC's right to its land after 54 years of wait.The UK people are waiting anxiously for the approval from the State.

Anonymous said...

Reason would be committing hara kiri if accept the spin that the new healthcare proposed by the UMNO Govt is a benevolent scheme designed to remedy defects in the existing one. For even Balaam's donkey knows that it is another case of UMNO ripping off the taxpayer. We must make our stand today putting into practice what Thoreau and Gandhi taught by example. Sit-ins and withholding our tax money from the pirates are two ways of demonstrating our opposition to the piracy. When actor William Holden and his 17 yr old son visited Malaysia in the 60's the upstart junior commented that Malaysians are 'suckers.' Not opposing the rip off would mean that the fella has labelled us correctly.

Razali said...

I salute the UKRC Committee members for their dedication in providing recreational acvities for its members and the local community. My son is involve in the UKRC Junior Football Programme, and you could see the joy in the children when they are at UKRC during the weekend.
Pakatan Rakyat government and the MB must deliver their election promise to UKRC to ensure continued suppport for the Pakatan Rakyat by the Ulu Klang folks whom have been following the UKRC saga since Khir Toyo, the arrogant MB of Selangor than.

Doktor Hisham said...

Ini satu isu yang Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat dan MB Selangor tidak boleh pandang ringan. Janji pilihanraya perlu ditunaikan dan UKRC perlu diselamatkan oleh MB Selangor dan ahi-ahli EXCO Selangor. Sebuah kelab rekreasi yang telah wujud pada masa Malaysia menyambut Merdeka dan yang telah banyak menyumbang kepada komuniti Hulu Kelang dalam membawa pelbagai kaum bersama ketika mengadakan majlis-majlis sosial di Kelab. MB Selangor, jangan buat kesilapan seperti Khir Toyo dan kemudiannya hendak insaf. 'Nasi menjadi Bubur'.Tunaikan janji anda kepada UKRC, Pakatan Rakyat.

Erik Wong said...

One of the only Community club still left in t country. Others all sapu by the BN cronies. UKRC also almost kena sapu by the MCA sex maniacs. Luckly they fight all out with the Java MB, whom screwed whole of Selangor. Come on Pakatan Rakyat, you should return the land back to UKRC. Make it happen. Deliver your Election promise. The people are following the UKRC issue closely.

Yusof Mohd said...

If this small Land issue promise cannot be fulfilled by the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government, the peope of Selangor are surely going to lose hope on Pakatan Rakyat.
I live in Gombak and have been to UKRC many time for wedding receptions in their Hall and the place is full of recreational activities. Must say, the residents there are very passionate about the club.
Dont let this people down, MB Selangor.

Aziz Ijok said...

BN, Khir Toyo dan MCA cuba nak curi tapak rekreasi UKRC sebelum ini dari penduduk setempat. Akhirnya Selangor tumbang kerana individu gila kekayaan dan tidak peduli sentimen majoriti penduduk. Pakatan Rakyat sudah pasti akan menunaikan janji pilihan raya mereka kepaa UKRC. MB selangor akan tetap prihatin terhadap UKRC.

Ashvin Nair said...

May God, its been a long time this UKRC issue has been going on. If they have got all papers for their recreational land , Pakatan Rakyat should walk the talk. Return UKRC's right to its land. UKRC has been long established club and plays a activities role for the sporting Community in Ampang Jaya as I have heard and read in the print media.
Hope the MB Selangor will honour his words.

Patrick Tan said...

Dear Stephen,

I have been living in Ulu Klang for 57 years and I have seen from the birth of UKRC to how it had grown steadily for the residents to meet and integrate daily in their daily social activities.
It has also served the community all over Ampang and it truly lives to its motto 'putting the Community first'.
The Pakatan Rakyat government must appreciate and deliver their Election promise to give UKRC its recreational land. I am sure they can improve further in providing better recreational facilities for the local residents and the community once they are given the land.

Anonymous said...

On the Hamza Kashgari case the question that needs to be asked is why Mas Selamat bin Kastari the terrorist not deported to Singapore... The pariah who infamously had high teh tarik with the Cow's Head infidels is outrageously inconsistent.

Iskandar said...

Sebuah kelab yang banyak menyumbang terhadap pembangunan bolasepak remaja di Ulu Klang dan aktiviti-aktiviti kemasyarakata.n untuk penduduk Hulu Kelang.
Sungguh terharu melihat AJK UKRC dan penduduk-penduduk secara sukarela mengurus kelab dengan cukup baik. Pakatan Rakyat dan MB Selangor harus menunaikan janji pilihanraya untuk mengembalikan hak tanah UKRC. Batalkan Warta Khir Toyo MB. Pakatan Rakyat sudah tentu akan menangi hati pengundi Hulu Kelang.

Tony Lee said...

Shocking to know that a 54 years old Club which contributes economically to the State of Selangor by Organising International Soccer Events and having visiting teams from overseas through the year has been struggling to get its land ownership. The Pakatan Rakyat government should approve the recreational land to UKRC. Truly a club for the ordinary people.

Kamaruddin said...

Ah, Pakatan Rakyat seat at Hulu Kelang for sure will be affected if UKRC is not being given their recreation land. They are influential with the people of Ulu Klang and Andrew Gopal is one tough guy working hard with his club members and residents to ensure their Green Lung remains for the next generation.
You can do it MB. Dont let UKRC and the Ulu Klang folks down yeah.

Harjit Singh said...

I have attended a number of Punjabi dinner at the UKRC hall and the Club seems to be a true Community Club serving the people of Ulu Klang. Its heartening to note that the Club officials are all volunteers and they have got so much of passion for the club founded by their elders.
Pakatan Rakyat should return UKRC's recreational land back to them as promised during the 2008 Election.

Ahli MajlisSelangor said...

I am sure MB and the state Exco members will honour their Election promise to UKRC. What is rightfully theirs should be given back.

Master Chee said...

I really hope that the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government will save UKRC from the greedy MCA members whom wanted to build condominiums at UKRC land. These MCA devils at Gombak always dying to make money for themselves and not looking into the peoples problem. I hope MB Selangor under the Pakatan Rakyat government for once and for all make history by giving back the recreatonal land to UKRC after 54 years wait.

Dato' Zainal said...

From what I have been reading, this guy, Andrew Gopal has been really fighting with the Barisan Nasional government since year 1999for the sake of Ulu Klang community to ensure there is a recreation club like UKRC for the community. I see this chap has so much of stamina and courage to go on for the sake of the community. He truely deserves a Datukship.
I a sure the Pakatan rakyat government will deliver its promise unlike Khir Toyo whom wanted to swollow UKRC and develop condominiums at UKRC land.
Andrew, we are with you for a good cause.

Junid, Shah Alam said...

Do not take easy on the UKRC issue PR. This club has brought down Khir Toyo and the State of Selangor as far I know. Thousands of people use the club's recreation facilities from young to old.Andrew a truly fighter for the green lung. I agree with Dato Zainal, you should get a Datukship for all your fight with Khir Toyo, the arrogant MB.

Pemuda-Pemuda AU Keramat said...

Memang saya puji cara kelab UKRC ditadbir dan diurus oleh Andrew dan AJKnya. Walaupun mereka merupakan sukarelawan dan tidak dibayar, minat mereka didalam menyediakan kemudahan rekreasi kepada penduduk setempat cukup mengkagumkan dan juga didalam mendekati masyarakat melalui sukan. Pakatan Rakyat perlu menyelesaikan isu tanah UKRC yang telah diputar belitkan oleh hantu-hantu MCA, Kerajaan BN dan Khir Toyo. Tunaikan janji anda Pakatan Rakyat.

Chin & Family said...

Was at UKRC over the weekend for the CNY dinner with the residents, Pakatan Rakyat members and supporters. Truly a Community club well managed by Andrew and his team of volunters.Look forward to see Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government will return the recreational land back to UKRC.

Penang Macha said...

There is no recreation in Malaysia is that managed by volunteers, as far as I know. You normally will have have some fulltime staff or part time staff. But this lads at UKRC have so much of passion and Community spirit to manage the club after their working hours for the sake of local community.They lawn their field on their own,manage the entire club with a Committee whom are residents of the area and have a Junior Football Programme for children that is well formulated.
The MB Selangor and the State Exco should turun padang to see how energetic this people are and why they truly deserve their recreational land back that was screwed up by Khir Toyo.
Make it happen Pakatan Rakyat for UKRC. The People are watching.

Orang Kuat Gombak said...

Fuuh, I see this UKRC piece has attracted my S/fish readers. BN and UMNO and MCA wanted to rob their green lung. Pakatan Rakyat for sure will deliver. Dont worry UKRC.We are with you.

Ukrcforall said...

I was born in Kuala Ampang, lived there almost my whole life. I, too like all of you thought that Andrew Gopal was a hero. I, too, joined many others in full support of UKRC when the fight for the land against the 'vultures' began. After more than 10 years of being a friend, supporter of UKRC, it dawns upon me that so many things are just not right in the club - the management, the direction its going, its commitment to the residents of Kuala Ampang,...etc.

For the love of the club and its original intentions, nobody wants to air its dirty laundry in public. So, this internal squabble was kept under wraps since Oct '11.

It all started when a group of these members (residents, non-residents) voiced out to AG(Andrew Gopal) that they wish to have a change in leadership, after his 10 years of uncontested presidency.

Within weeks, 50% of the club total membership (NOT 1,000)were disqualified from voting. This was followed by legal letters from AG's lawyer, for merely signing a petition to the club patron, YB Saari Sungib, asking for a fair election.

And, things escalate from then on. Latest, an automatic barrier gate, guardhouse complete with 'private' guards were put in place. These actions clearly shows that the club has lost its way, of serving the community.

I wished I have seen these postings on these blogs earlier. Obviously, many think positively of AG, based on the many press writeup. Therefore, I strongly felt that I should share with all of you the other side of the story, not covered by the press. We need you to know the truth, and we need your help to set things right for UKRC, so that it is truly a club that serves its community.

A group of us are more than willing to talk to anyone who wants to know the truth & to help.
Please check out 'Ukrcforall' in FB, with an open mind and we look forward to hear from all of you.

Thank you.

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