Monday, February 06, 2012

Pot calling the kettle black

If DAP should distance itself from the "religious" PAS then MCA must be suckers for sleeping with the ultra-racist and corrupt UMNO ! Unless MCA themselves are equally as shitty as their "masters". ( Hey. ....what am I saying...of course they are ! ) How dare these UMNO lapdogs challenge DAP ? Don't they know that MCA is a race-based racist party ? Or MIC for that matter ? All parties in BN are racist parties. ( read here)

No race is mentioned in PR component parties, right ? Does that not tell you something ? And to add salt to the worm infected wound in BN there's Perkasa, the sneaky mouth-piece of UMNO. Yes, Perkasa the shit-stirrers of racists remarks and champions of the "ketuanan" Melayu
crap. Nobody has questioned the Malay rights issue. It is only made worse by these goons who demanded crutches where it was not needed. Now thanks to Perkasa, simple and ordinary Malays in UMNO are at a cross-road deciding between their ready rights and an evil and ex-premier's pet project called Perkasa !

And that porn-star president of MCA too should keep his filthy mouth shut and tell his "konchos" to disassociate from the very people who labelled the Chinese race as "pendatangs". And has he no balls to face up to that Ibrahim Ali who dished out "white" ang pow packets to elderly Chinese folks from
old folks homes at a Chinese New Year dinner hosted by Perkasa recently. Have the Chinese in MCA no pride in themselves anymore ? Shame on them !
Stupid and shameless MCA !

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Anonymous said...

How in the universe can MCA members elect a porn star as their chief? Truly puzzling! It is just like all the porn stars nominating and electing the greatest stud to be their Director/Producer. Or all the pirates in a pirates ship electing the most fearsome pirate to be their captain!... But MCA...?????