Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Special Committees"

"We will set-up a special committee to look into this matter !"...........Whoaaa... this is the most popular line used by all (almost all the time, by those who, when being interviewed, by the media) in the government (read any enforcement agency !) when they can't get a grasp of what went wrong OR they don't have the slightest clue whatsoever, of what is going on!!

Why in the first place are they, there for ? You see, by pronouncement of this phrase, they are stalling, in answering the curious (need more time to know 'what the hell, is going on' from their underlings), wasting more tax-payers money, and at the same time, buying time, to cover-up or to clean-up, the so-called 'good' name of that department (as if there is ANY !) and apart from looking stupid ! Not that, we , the humble tax-payers, don't know of this SOP(standard operating procedures) but all avenues are blocked (fire-walled ??) from persons probing further into the matter as there is a gag order from 'way up there' !

For every misdeed, crime or corruption, reported by the public, against a servant of the government,(again, read, any enforcement agency !) the public relations officer-in-charge of that department , dutifully announces, with the same response ! Why, are we, as citizens and tax-payers, deemed not entitled and/ or qualified enough, to judge and point out the mistakes of the government (read whatever you want !!) ??

Give us a break-lah ! Try some new lines-lah, or JUST set -up a special committee to create new catch-phrases, okay ??

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