Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Farewell Fredo-my friend" !

This morning around 5.10 I had a very distressing call on my cell phone, from my friend Tony, and come to think of it, any call, that early in the morning, is never good news !

Yes , Tony called, between sobs, to say his brother, Fredo, passed away a few minutes earlier !Oh my God , this can't be... but I only saw him the other night, at the National Press Club, his usual self, maybe a little slow ( because he had been sick of late with swollen feet, but hey !... nothing too serious !), but still so full of witty remarks and crazy jokes and he was not even having his favorite shot of whiskey or mug of beer !

Fredo Gayondato or 'Dato' Fredo to everyone who knows him, will attest that this is one helluva guy to have in any party ! Always so quick with his jokes and a damn good entertainer, be it singing or stand-up, off-the-cuff, bar-room kinda comedy ! When I asked him what was the out-come of his last visit to the doctors he replied " You know ....these doctors always say I'm very generous and have a BIG heart "!( he actually had an enlarged heart ) Yes...Fred you are a big fella with a big heart..Bless you !

So now...... it hurts...... it really hurts, when you loose someone, who has becomes a 'habit' to you, but I guess God too is bored and depressed, up in heaven,seeing and knowing the mess we are creating here on his good earth, and he needs a really fine entertainer up there, to cheer him up!!!!

To his 2 boys,who also lost their dear mother about 4 months ago, my family and I wish them strength and courage to face the future as they still have the families of uncle Tony, and aunts for comfort and should they seek us, we are here !

Your time is over, here on earth, Fredo but you will always be in our hearts and midst, everytime we raise a glass or two !! Cheeeeers, God Bless and farewell my friend Fredo !!!


Anonymous said...

One strong I lesson I learned from Fredo was to stand up for what was right -- no matter how painful, how embarrassing, how much people will hate you or how trivial. I have seen him do that and I have seen him use simple logic when putting forward his argument against people who try to use big words to twist and turn the issue. He showed me the strength in using simple logic, in common sense. In the midst of all this, he also made me laugh with his amusing stories. See you in heaven, Fredo.


Anonymous said...

my sympathies my friend, just remember life here is precious....