Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Happy Chap Goh Meh"

Well looks like the Chinese New Year celebrations (if you can call it that because I cannot tell by this 'deafening silence'...less the fire-crackers !) are finally over and tomorrow it will be back to the humdrum called work, for most of us.

Overheard at a gaming outlet, this afternoon that there was a van being driven around the Happy Garden housing area, off Old Klang Road in Kuala Lumpur, with four to six men in mufti, looking out-for any persons, gambling in the privacy of their homes...How much more sneakier will these authorities get ? If they really are from the government enforcement agency( and not some bogus crooks posing as such..) going after illegal gamblers, why do these morons peep into peoples homes to make arrests when all they have to do is plant themselves near the many licensed gaming outlets and arrest all those Muslims going in and out of these outlets ! Gambling for Muslims is wrong but to sneak around private homes of Malaysians of Chinese descent is ridiculous. Gambling during the Chinese New Year season is an integral part of the celebrations.....just as fire-crackers is as to wading off "evil spirits" !

Notice how this 2 major activities/customs have been slowing phased out in our society... and don't forget the "lion dancers" and the throwing of this actions ( whatever reasons given by the authorities) they are just an excuse, from a bigger master plan, to further eradicate cultures and practices of other fellow races in this country ! And I am neither a racist nor a religious bigot, in all honesty ! I am a Malaysian, period !

Shouldn't the practice of all 3 major races of this country be encouraged and put in full gear to enhance unity and respect most especially during this "Visit Malaysia Year 2007" ? Why do all foreign visitors think we (as in Malaysians) are UNIQUE ?? Why do you think foreigners come to our shores ? To see the millions of illegal Banglas and Indons living in harmony here in Malaysia ? Of course not, it has everything to do with the different way we (as in Malaysians) practice our 3 different major races, religions and cultures in harmony..... that's why !!!

Next year will see the banning of "Yee Sang" during Chinese New Year ...and eerhh...the drinking of whiskey by Hindus during Deepavali..... mark my word ! And the government spends millions in all those cockamanie projects thus creating instant millionaires in the pretext of good governance under the guise of promoting racial harmony, tolerance and respect !

My family and I wish all a "Happy Chap Goh Meh " and to Rocky "Congratulations " on being cited in Wikipedia...another first, man...and..YOUUUU have arrived and here to stay !


zewt said...

ya, i mentioned about banning of firecrackers in my blog being totally ridiculous when ppl who kept blowing up their hands and legs aint us. and it's scary that other things are being slowly phased out.

and since they are going to ban fast food ad due to 'bad for health'... i wonder how long it is before they ban 'bak kut teh' and 'char kuey teow'.

Anonymous said...

You are dead right Mr fish,
See the fools want to dance lion dance with 'Baju Melayu' where can mah.. really bodoh lah ! You ask the fellows to dance jojet in sari lah.

shar101 said...

And one day, they're gonna ban OBE's songs, fine vintage whiskey and good old fashion muhibah gatherings.

Be afraid, folks.

Unless, of course, We Bloggers can put a stop to all these culture eradication hijinks.

Zewt, its the malay kids that got their appendages and/or parts of their anatomy blown up by 'bamboo cannons' using carbide immersed in water to create an explosive mixture. They never got the timing right as to when they should light it up. Hence, KABOOM! Wait till these kids get hold of some C4 or emulex. Then, we'll see lemmings jumping off a cliff. In bits and pieces.

Editor said...

Good to hear Chinese New Year celebrations finally over and things are slowly getting back to normal.

I heard that as well.In the Puchong area, 4-6 con men dressed in police uniforms, spying on gambling for the new year! No joke.


Daniel said...

Besides that.... i've also heard that there was helicopter hovering obove in the air to check on those who burn/play fireworks.

Anonymous said...

No wonder 2 1/2 million Malaysians are said to have migrated. More will but not to worry - Malaysia will accept more Indons. They work hard and vote BN. Some might even vote often but these restrictions contribute to the national income as being a source of cari makan for the morals police, the ordinary police and the like. Malaysia BOLEH.