Thursday, June 14, 2007

The "ugly side" of Redang...

For all the beauty of Redang which I personally think is a world-class ranking island resort for a perfect break-away and for divers and snorkellers , I must commend the operators of the many private-owned chalets, guest-houses and resorts sprouting with "visit Malaysia Year" and the increased influx of tourists from as far away as France and Singapore, just to come and enjoy our breath-taking coral world under-sea....there is sadness within me to say the least,as in my observation in the total lack of conscience or understanding in two very important and key factors of the tourism board of Terengganu ! This was our 2nd. trip to Redang Island !

First is the journey ( if you are not flying direct by Berjaya Air !) for lesser beings like me who have to drive all the way to Terengganu, and then to reach the island by high-powered is the sickening part, I had to actually demand from the pilot of the boat at the jetty before departure, for life-jackets be given out to all 25 of us , and with a dirty a look and mumbling curses under his breath, the boat operator reluctantly handed them out to us...and he sarcastically insist I use one(for he thought I was out to create trouble !) which he had pulled out from god-knows-where and which was also soaking wet ! Can you imagine ,me all dry and neatly dressed in my beach-shorts and "pagoda" t-shirt...and so early in the morning too ! After securing the life-jackets on almost all, especially the kids, our terror ride could see the nervous look on all parents holding on tightly to their kids or wifes'..... and not much was said by anyone (guess they were contempleting the different ways to strangle/maime or even kill the pilot of the boat, should anything 'unpleasant' happen !) during the, close to an hour's ride, to the island when I also noticed a sign beside the pilot's seat..."untuk 12 penumpang sahaja"!.... although the sea was not so choppy this morning..... I shuddered to imagine this ride during the rainy season... but wait...hey,...we still have to endure the return journey, right ? Ohh... man...I gotta stay sober, then, sheesh...sigh !

Now if only the moron of a pilot HAD insisted on all to wear life-jackets immediately upon setting foot on the jetty, without me demanding for one.....guess, that can be answered only when a tragedy happens, right !!..... does anyone give a damn for safety ? Surely not the boat operators nor the officials from the state government to make it the morons in the respective enforcement agencies...Think Safety First !

And the second sad and unforgivable sight was at the Terengganu state-government- run "maritime park"......(my apologies for the "not sharp" photos - actually was taken hurriedly with my wife's cell-phone camera !) but the message is clear people.....gross over-crowding !!
Man, oh man... it is pathetic to say that there were way too many people at any one time...I could easily count at least 600-700 people from all the different resorts(different coloured life-jackets...see the private owned resorts insists their guest conform to rules and wear the jackets at all times out to sea !) nearby converging in a patch of sea not larger then a football field !! And nobody is issued a receipt as each person is charged RM5.00 cash only, on the way to this "park" by the boat operator, so to actually say there WERE indeed that many people is a fallacy...probably the government servants manning the booth are in cahoots with the resort operators !(anyway who cares if they make a little on the side ? Seriously do you ??)

Now if they, the Terengganu state-government-run officials and the Tourism Board or otherwise collectively known as morons-(can't help coining Pasquale's favorite phrase here-very appropriate !! ) can structure a time-table for all resort operators to send their guests at different times during the day and ban all snorkellers from wearing flippers or beach-shoes and not lump all of the holiday-makers at the same time,in this one place, now that would be nice , right ? Respect Nature, it is God's gift to us...lets not screw it up like we do to ourselves !

I beg of all Malaysians, please show a lot of respect to the wonderful coral creation and all life-forms under the sea that is ours to appreciate..... it won't be long before they vanish completely, judging by the way, especially our local tourists, are clamouring with their snorkeling equipment and I even saw in disbelief one dumb-bugger wearing flippers, standing on a huge coral and gestering to his friends to view, with goggles, at his feat ! Sheeeesh !
*My apologies for these bad photos, thats the best I could do, sorry !


elviza said...

Oh come on people.... keep the nature in tact. We do want our grandchildren to enjoy it.

Good day brother

eva's haven said...


so this is the other or ugly side of redang.
yeah, i can imagine. this is the sort of thing that can spoil the pristineness and beauty of places like redang.
hope we could do something about this.


BigDogDotCom said...

Dey Macha......

Cannot see anything la!

Next time use a proper camera la. Get spare batteries before you board the high speed boat with taking over the limit passengers (BTW, ypu should snap a photo of your "Vietnamese" style boat ride to Redang la).

Well, that's the kind of service you get when you pay peanuts. You want world class service, you've got to get ready to pay world class fares la!

Basic economics 101......

If cannot afford to take holidays with world class charges, then remain waddling in knee high mud beach in Morib la. Everything in life comes with a price.

shanghaistephen said...

Dei bigdog,
It is pompous and rich people like you who have no regard for local sights but brag about "foreign holidays" all the time...errh..what happened to your "visit Malaysia Year" that the government has been harping about lah...guess "Visit Malaysia Year 2007 " is RESERVED for poor people like me and a few million others huh ?
It may be peanuts for you doggy, but for the rest of us,God's lesser beings ,it is hard earned money and yes... don't we all wish for holidays you ?
Have a little consideration for us poor mortals mongrel !
I wrote Redang has great potential as a tourist resort and is a world known divers haven !
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooof !! and cheers !


Big Dog,

I don't think there was anything wrong with Mr Fish's camera; in fact, I think he has captured very well the "ugly" side of Redang with these two pictures. In case you didn't know, Mr Fish was a photo-journalist with Malay Mail when I was the editor and when the circulation of the paper was on the way to reaching NST levels. Of course, after that Mr Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan had to do something to the Malay Mail so that his NST, which was then led by Bren Pereira, would stay ahead of the Malay Mail!

Anyway, Mr Fish, you should try and send this posting of yours to the Malay Mail and get them to publish it. You will be doing the island a great favour.

shar101 said...

Errr...hokay, I'm going back one posting to see the 'better' pictures.

I thought BD went to Sabah recently but stayed glued to the food-spread and blogged, instead of going out of the hotel to get soaked in the glorious thunderstorm.

Tioman, here I cum. Yeay!