Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Me thinks this is a damn good song for an ailing nation ! Now if only we can all help make it real ...sigh !!!! To all involved in this clip I say....."cheers" !!

**courtesy of http://www.malaysianartistesforunity.info/


Anonymous said...

If there is indeed a way I can embed this clip in all the comments section of the political blogs in malaysia. WIth so much hatred and disgust, we should try brainwashing them people with some good old feel good positivism instead! yippee!

Any ideas how to execute this brilliant proposal? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey ahh.. Stephen, you once stayed at Wangsa Maju I think. See Wee Choo Keong's blogspot and see what is happening there lately.

andrea bakhita yip said...

Hi Godpa, I think it is a wonderful song & clip too. Now I even have it in my com!!:-)