Monday, March 30, 2020

Of politicians and cheap rhetoric

Knowing very well that as of today, the 13th. day of the MCO and everyone is too stressed 
out figuring what uncertainties the future holds in their jobs, bills to pay, loans to furnish, food to buy with whatever money (if any) is left and aid from the shotgun government is indeed going to be fulfilled. This is not the time to play politics. For many below 40 years old his phenomena of a MCO is getting on to everyone's mental health, not to mention the family unit for the very first time. 

And just when you thought this new government in comradeship with the very corrupt people of BN the nation voted out in GE14, we are again jolted back to the days of BN/UMNO and their cheap rhetoric. 

I remember vaguely a time of the "annual" great floods of the then Opposition states of Kelantan and Terengganu, how the BN government stopped the many NGOs and individuals, who had loaded 4-wheel vehicles with rice, canned foodstuff, medical supplies and clothing from reaching their intended destinations of flood struck victims by rogues who operated the routes with the locals and "hijacked" the items and told the charitable donors to turn back home as they would forward them on their behalf instead but in turn craftily placed their party stickers on the supplies and won the hearts of the desperate recipients.    

Its deja'vu today as again all NGOs were denied direct donations to those in need. And that's when this shameless politician Anuar Musa who was suspiciously voted-in into the PN government but came aboard Muhiyuddin cabinet by default, has the gall to plaster his ugly mug on packets of rice to win some brownie-points, taking after the similar MO of the old regime in these trying times of the Movement Control Orders or MCO  without a definite closure date in sight. They somehow still assume the rakyat is still as dumb as they have been pre-GE14. And my guess is UMNO has got Muhiyuddin wraped around their fingers!
This is a classic lowdown and manipulative move, yes, but surprisingly it still does work like a charm for simpletons and the hungry. Good luck Malaysians!

**My humble apologies to all my valued readers and commentors, that this post is not linked to my Facebook or any other FB Group as I am currently banned from any activity till April 25th. Cheers !


Tiger said...

it's their SOP

Anonymous said...

Always knew these BN fellows are so hard-up for publicity. They are worst then prostitutes. No shame.