Saturday, December 12, 2020

My December Guest Writer-Yusuf Hashim-

Yusuf Hashim


I am really getting a bit tired of the antics of our Wannabe PM, our Backdoor PM, our Ex PM & our Convicted PM, and all our Frog Master CMs. 

I am at a loss to find sub-flattering adjectives to describe them. Seems to me they are all a lot like the insane Nero, playing his fiddle while Rome burns. 

Our country is in dire straits from this Covid menace, yet our not so honourable PMs think nothing of precipitating by-elections, snap elections, and flaccid dick erections to further their selfish, dishonest, dishonourable and even immoral objectives. 

They are a terrible example to our children, as to what Leaders (I hate that word) and Leadership are all about. They will resort to everything, and anything at all, to further their selfish interests. Nothing is sacred. I suspect, they will probably even consider selling their mothers too, if it contributes to their objectives. 

I believe none of them really have our interests, and our country’s interest, in their black hearts and warped minds.  

The Backdoor PM’s methods of buying support for his shaky government by creating one of the world’s biggest cabinet (last I checked about 70 ministers and deputy ministers), and  appointing sycophants, frogs and incompetent MPs as heads of our GOCs and GLCs, are not easy to forgive. How he came to be the PM should be a textbook lesson in treachery. 

The Ex PM burst into the scene on an enthusiastic wave and hope of Reformation and Renaissance, but sadly, he failed to pluck even the low hanging fruits. His over riding aim seemed to have been to stop the Wannabe PM from ever becoming PM, and under the cloak of a new Malaysia, he was still the same. For crying out loud, resigning without first discussing with his PH team about what is in the best interest of the PH govt and the country, apart from resigning, is what I would have done if I were the PM. But no, he had to resign, and in one fell swoop, he destroyed the hopes of all those Malaysian people who elected him and the PH government. Downright silly, I would say. Sadly, history will now remember him for his failures, rather than what he did for our country.

I have nothing to say about the only Malaysian PM who has been charged, tried, and convicted. You have heard it all. But in some countries like Japan, not only would they have immediately resigned, they would have committed hara-kiri in shame, as a last mitigating act of honour. But what amazes me even more, are the hordes of mindless and unthinking people, who continue to kiss the ground he walks on, zombie-like, chanting, “what is there to be ashamed of, my boss.“ What on earth have infected these people? Even Covid won’t make you lose your mind like this.  The Convicted PM says its dedak, whatever that is. As to his position in Parliament, I will simply draw your attention to the provisions of Article 48 (1)(e) of the Federal Constitution, and leave it at that.

My last observation is directed to the party hopping MPs and ADUNs who are easily enticed to hop from one party to another, causing the collapse of governments, no doubt for  substantial  financial and other gains, and nothing to do with  honour and what is right. They are called frogs, but I sincerely believe this is an injustice to frogs, because the behaviour of these MPs and ADUNs, are definitely sub-human, sub-animal and sub everything that is despicable. The polite term for them is, they are snollygosters.

Please pray. Our country is in dire straits. What we as individuals can do is, to remember the names and faces of these people. 

Don’t ever give your vote to them ever again. You should vote for anybody, even a lamppost, if the lamp post is the alternative to them in the next election.

*every now and then I upload an article that may be educational, informative and useful for the masses as I share this month's guest Yusuf's article in toto. 

I am not able to ask permission to share as I am not connected/acquainted with this fine free-spirited and much travelled gentleman personally BUT I admire his flair, honesty and experience in matters of all who dream for a better Malaysia. 

Thank you Yusuf Hashim, sir!

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Allah is watching them and taking notes.