Saturday, December 05, 2020

Define Malay.

By now you must have heard the news about the stupid idiot Selangor state assemblyman who had sent an official memorandum written on his official office letterhead to one Jaya Grocer's in Punchak Alam in Selangor. If you have not, read the whole story here . 

I do not want to promote this fucking idiot nor even dirty my blog space with his picture or name but my nagging questions are:

a) How do you, my learned, peace-loving and humble Malay friends, even want to qualify this 2nd. generation off-spring of an Indian or Bangladeshi or Pakistani looking idiot, a Malay? Go on and take a good look at his face here .   

b) Does being married to our local Malay girl makes this sinister Indian or Bangladeshi or Pakistani idiot automatically become an instant Malay? You know what they used to say about a certain "instant metallic" mentri besar of Perak a long time ago, right? Go ahead and see for yourself below!
c) So if you added off-springs of  mixed marriages, won't the most inherited and striking feature of the graceful, polite and peace-loving Malay become somewhat mutated? Is it then fair (pun intended) to even consider these mutants, Malays? We have also seen many in UMNO Penang who's skin shades are 'about 10 minutes  past midnight', thumping their fists in the air shouting "Hidup Melayu" when DAP took control of Penang since 2008, no? 

d) Now how is this idiot even going to promote UNITY, a word so many of us Malaysians think of as what is non-evident in Moo's government? Isn't that what every prime minister should work first in unifying all fractions of society to get a strong and popular mandate? Just where is "Abah Moo" in all this hate and divisive behavior of his idiotic "yang berbodoh's"??? Has he actually lost his grip on this renegade Indian or Bangladeshi or Pakistani looking idiot behaving like a thug and giving the REAL Malays a bad name? 

e) Now I sincerely hope that the 90% Malays living in this fucking idiot's constituency does not have any case of incest, porn, snatch thieves, bribery, gambling, wife-battering, baby-dumping or camel-humping. And I also hope not one of that 90% Malays in Punchak Alam aka "Malay Territory" are also employed by Jaya Grocer's in case they all get "virtually high" going near the non-halal section. Makes one look like a fucking fool to clearly read a Non-Halal sign placed and then still go in and complain, no??  

How utterly frustrating can it also be, as this idiot does not give a shit to the 10% non-Malays in his "Malay Territory"? But you can take a good look at his face now and wait for the next General Election to get your sweet revenge, then, right?  Don't loose sleep now, folks. 

Cheers and have a good weekend.             



Unknown said...

Kick him out la next general election

Anonymous said...

The more telling & alarming thing is, to the best of my knowledge, to date the PEJUANG PARTY has not castigated him! The silence is deafening!!!

Unknown said...

He has to be more Malay and more Muslim than a Malay Muslim. This is his modus operandi and those of his ilk!

Anonymous said...

This is the sama mamak who want to make Selangor the biggest Ganja Farm in the world leh.Ganja ok, beer canot.

Anonymous said...

1)The state assemblyman’s action could be considered as harassment since the supermarket was operating legally with alcohol sold separately.
2) He has no individual right to issue such letters.
2)Severe drunk driving laws have already been passed by parliament.
2)Key to note here here that alcohol is haram for him. He is using alcohol for his political mileage which makes his another alcohol “user”.
3)Probably he ran out of ideas to help his constituents to economically survive covid 19, so the diversion and courtship with alcohol as a pre-election stunt.
4) Hope his party is wise enough to sanction him & not to nominate him in next GE.