Monday, May 01, 2023

Sam Haris. This is not a eulogy.

   This is my favourite photo.

UPDATE: Just realised  my last post is exactly 1 year ago today!

This post was started on the 22nd June 2022 and I've been adding photos to build up a good story but I just can't seem to further the story each time and so it goes into abeyance again. He is Haris to some, Sam to others or even Singaram to a few. Few may know but I have actually seen his full name written and plastered right across his identity card that ends at the back with Ibrahim or something. But he is a brother to me. We met for teh-tarik near my condo and talked for about an hour or so about many things including the excruciating pain in his back and how he was coping with pain-killers and all. My family joined us for a bit and then he took his leave. 

4th July 2022
It was about this time Haris told me of his health condition casually like he was announcing another Spurs win. It didn't sink in at first and then it hit me like a ton of brick. Here was my brother who tells me his days are numbered and he's been undergoing massive treatment and losing weight and looking frail. Will stop here to add more photos.

1st May 2023
Its close to a year now since that news of his condition and I don't get to see him as much as I'd love to.
I've been gathering photos of my run-in with Haris over the years together at by-elections and drinking sessions and what you see here are randomly arranged photos and not in any timeline sequence. There are also photos of some people who have been close and I thought it befitting to be added in this post too. And the quality of some photos are grainy and blur (what did you expect from cheap camera phones of yesterday?) 

And to Haris if you are reading this, it is certainly my honour to be of acquaintance with you brother. 
All these years you fought tirelessly for the little man and you are the reason we have a change of government since 2018 and if PH screws it up royally again, its not your fault but their own fucking arrogance and ignorance for not listening to the voices of the rakyat on the ground. 

Each photo must be viewed with a smile and a happy memory of what happened during that time. From candle-light vigils to protest walks to by-elections and social gatherings and sharing personal stories and many more, it was all good. 
Today being Labour Day, I think its also befitting to publish this post for all that you have struggled with all these years. Thank you Haris.
Cheers and peace to you bro.
Striking a pose of a gun-slinger as Bernard's counsel.

Sometime in March 2023, I had breakfast with him in Jaipur in TTDI.

Jaya and Ismail Boom in attendance on Bernard's release.

As recently as March 2023

Talking to reporters outside the police station after Bernard's release.

Just from another angle...

In Bernard's den plotting the next move.

Well it has a date here. At the Mahasiswa sit-in at Dataran Merdeka.

Estrelita or Lita at the Blog-house after a SABM gathering. 
At KL High Court for another of Haris' case. Pictured here with him are his 2 biological older brothers and Arthur.

Read the info.

Rare photo of him actually listening. 

Listening to another fishy joke of Bernard's at my condo balcony during one of those drinkie nights.

At one of the Bersih walks. Can't remember which one as we have walked in all

Making a toast to the newly married couple at the NPC.

The brief  "window" opening during the Covid19 pandemic.

Rogue's Gallery at the NPC.

On the night of Bernard's passing we raised our glasses in his name at Backyard fulfilling Bernard's wish. 

At the Saints with some drinking buddies. 
(l-r: Agustin Gan, Ismail Boom, YB Ronnie Liu, Arthur Toh, Haris himself, yours truly, William Arul, Kashvinder Singh and Francis Yew.

After another successful court case.

The wedding of the year party at the NPC for yours truly.

With a fan at the Bloghouse during the launch of SABM.

Breakfast in Kampung Baru after one of the earlier protest walks. Don't ask me which one. Can't remember.

This I remember is sometime in mid 2000s. The time Jeff Ooi was inducted into DAP politics and after a small makan.
(l-r: Nuraina Samad, yours truly, Haris, Jeff Ooi and Rocky) 

At the Saints with publican Jerry Chong.

Yet another Bersih walk I think with Jason T. I miss those smoking days.

About a year ago below my condo.

Arthur and Haris having lunch recently. 

Ashok Kandiah and his lovely family too are close to Haris.

This is the Special Bunch. 

Another very recent photo of Haris. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing about this great man.

Antares said...

Dey defler not dead yet lah. Nobody actually dies, they kinda dump their tattered rags ("buang baju" the Temuan say) and return to the spirit realms. And a giant like Haris will never die - at least not in the memory of everyone who has ever had the good fortune to meet him or even be accepted as his friend. As civil liberty activists and visionaries go, Sam Haris already has earned a place in the Hall of Fame alongside all the great names. All I can wish for this beautiful soul is that every atom of pain he may experience be translated into pure pleasure & eternal ecstasy 😍

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Zero Nalpon said...

Haris, you made a great impression at that NPC meeting years ago with a group of lovely guys! A true lion!!

Anonymous said...

Harris Ibrahim = ABU (Anything But UMNO)
That's how I'll always remember this man. A fighter for injustice. Always in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Ganesh (ex-VI)

Thanks for advocating the winds of change Sam.