Sunday, December 16, 2007

Damai (Peace) Malaysia !

Who is this fellow on the right, anyways ? Goes by the name of Mohd Saiful Adil Daud and claims to be Damai Malaysia co-ordinating chairman. Popped out of nowhere and became a "kampung" hero overnight ! And he also claims to represent the "silent majority"...oops! that means......... you and me !! Shucks !

Damai Malaysia, supposedly an umbrella body comprising 395 NGOs representing 1.5 million Malaysians who have declared their stand against street demonstrations. It is made up of 75 Chinese-based NGOs and 20 associations which are Indian-based with the rest being Malay.

This Saiful fellow also said "This coalition was formed recently to oppose all forms of street demonstrations which disrupted peace in the country". He reminded the people that street demonstrations were not part of Malaysian culture..... so I guess he must really be pissed-off with the likes of these people involved, as suggested in the 3 pictures below too, right ? .......hmmmm !

Well you know something..anything..of this Damai Malaysia thinggy ? Seems like everybody's trying hard to "pleasing thy master" crap and you know something ...he was even given an audience to meet the busy PM !

"The group of about 20 people led by Damai chairman Mohd Saiful Adil Mohd Daud was not allowed to enter the Royal Malaysian Air Force Subang airbase but after waiting for the airbase authority to get back to them, they were finally allowed to go in
to handed over to Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a memorandum criticising the illegal street rallies.

Mohd Saiful Adil gave a brief speech before proceeding with five other representatives to hand over the memorandum. The group applauded before they left the place.The whole episode took less than 15 minutes."

Now ,that's what I'd call "cashing-in" ! And we must be morons not to have known about this all this while !....right ?
Sheeesh !

*latest/more up-dates on Damai Malaysia -here


zorro said...

Shang, the man behind this Saiful is the Chicken Shit MCA exMP. He is using Saiful for could smell this chicken shit but they say that when chicken shit smells it is not a good he tells Saiful to front for him.A Taiping hawker told me.

Anonymous said...

didnt know film making is such a big time business in this country. how low did this fella need to go? wish he can tell a better lie than this. dont need a bit of intelligence that this is a show.
Need more ISA to shore up your position, PM?

Rocky's Bru said...

I believe Damai held an illegal assembly to meet the PM. Damai has just confirmed one thing -- that Malaysians can organise peaceful public rallies without a permit. Bersih proved that. The only difference is that the Police were there during the Bersih rally to spoil things.

shiver said...

i read somewhere that this chap Mohd Saiful Adil Daud is card carrying member of UMNO.

Can this be confirm? if its true, UMNO and MCA members representing 395 NGO's and 1.5million Malaysians? thats a joke, they do NOT represent me.

very nice BS of PM holding the memo and supposedly "looking" at the contents with the camera rolling.

full of Bollocks. Someone should sack the PM.

Anonymous said...

ooi, you are exposed now. next time, do it with a little bit of finesseeee...

shanghaistephen said...

good point..5 and above needs a permit to assemble,right?...but then, these clowns are BN need permit, mah !

always the "truth" from anyone from Taiping...cheers to Taiping !

please click on the up-dates on DM at the end of this post for more.

Sharing said...

Where can they get the timing that PM was there, in the air force base??