Monday, December 31, 2007

...with no conditions attached !

Probably the best news so far to end the year 2007...Yes !

And rightly so, because this "banning" the use of the word "Allah" has got a lot of right-minded Malaysians pissed-off and frustrated...not just Christians but also Malaysians of all walks of life who think the "junior minister" was desperately championing the voices of bigots !

Yes....yes we also know that elections are around the corner so....getting some extra mileage and attention-drawn now would be a good move on this Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum's rather depleting popularity ! The things they do for attention !

If you ask me, there are more pertinent and pressing issues to be discussed in that precious few minutes for debate at the august house by our so-called "representatives" than raising dubious and frivolous non-beneficial questions like the usage of the revered and universal word "Allah" in a weekly Christian paper and harping on the same in a multi-religious and multi-cultural country like Malaysia! Stop it and focus clearly, you morons....yes... you, who represent me in Parliament !

Tell me why are we not talking about the Nurin killers and a host of other child killers anymore, or the rising house-breaking crimes and snatch theft cases or the ever-present "mat-rempit" menace on our streets or the corrupt "gate-keeper" Zakaria and his mansion in Klang or even the Port Klang FTZ "fiasco" or the thieving UMNO buggers who rob funds allocated for poor flood victims in the east coast states or finding a solution for the 300 odd displaced Bangladeshis ! Not to mention corruption in the police, road transport, land and immigration departments ???

These are REAL issues to be tackled folks and everyone (read, us... tax-payers ! ) is ok with it ? Sheeesh !

Read the BBC's take here
and the Star's here !

Good news this one is, yes !.... but lets not forget those other "real" issues mentioned above ...."Happy New Year.... to all of you folks !! "
Cheeeeeeeeeeeers !!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Fish!

I'm still confused.. Did you read the NST on page 2 where it's stated that even if the renewal was given, the publication would still not be allowed to use the word "Allah" to refer to God. He said it was among four Malay words that could not be used by other religions, the other three being solat, kaabah and baitula.

Although you have highlighed that The star and BCC has published that it is without any conditions and are allowed the word Allah.

So what it is?? Can someone clarify.

Anonymous said...

The minister thought that the use of the word "allah" would confuse the muslims. This is an insult to all muslims. The man's an idiot!!!