Thursday, June 02, 2011

from the Herald Sun

REFUGEES in Kuala Lumpur's suburban slums say they have been tortured in Malaysia's detention centres.

Gruesome personal accounts include claims of beatings with rattan canes and whippings - a fate that could await the 800 refugees the Federal Government intends to send to Malaysia as part of its controversial detainee swap.

Lay Maung, who was caned three times, said he was tied up and made to turn his head away from the prison officer so he could not see his face during one ordeal.

With the refugee's arms and legs extended, a man wielding a 1.2m rattan cane, pulled back and sliced the stick into his bare buttocks.

Like the 55,000 Chin Burmese refugees, Mr Maung's crime was that he wasn't a Malaysian citizen.

His UN Commission on Human Rights refugee card expired the day before he was arrested on the street in late 2009.

"I fainted after one cane," he said through an interpreter.

"They make you turn away from the man who canes you so you don't see his face. You can't sit or lie down for days.

"I spent a year in prison after that."

Pa Khau, 47, wanted in Burma because he is from the Christian minority, says he was whipped three times. And, pointing to his scarred, crippled hands, he told how soldiers broke his thumbs and fingers.

"The police and (paramilitary civilian corps) RELA pick on us because they want to make money from us," Mr Khau said.

"When they took me to the Thai border, after a year in prison, there were refugee agents waiting to meet us. Those men pay money back to the Malaysian immigration officers to let us back in."

The Herald Sun unearthed dozens of alleged brutality cases involving Malaysian authorities.

While human rights groups criticise the tactics, RELA, immigration officers and police are supported by Malaysian law.

That law will apply to the 800 boat people to be shipped to Kuala Lumpur by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

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Anonymous said...

maderchod to the bitch and abusers of law
i pity the 800

Mambo said...

How can they do this? Is this legal? Under whose authority? Are they not supposed to be deported ONLY?

This is an abuse of the world human right chapter / laws?

Why must Malaysians entangle in this form of punishment?

umar said...

It is easy to cross the border into Malaysia from any entry point because you can bribe the officers who are ever waiting 24 hrs. You have the agents who promise you everything easy in Malaysia as long as you are willing to pay their demand. Hence, we have so many Bangla, Nepal, India, Indonesia people who came here thinking the roads here are paved with gold and got cheated by the Agents. Left stranded at the airports upon arrival!

So those got caught by the authorities are sent to camps before deportation. In the camps , life is worse than refugee camps.
They have to separate the Banglas from Burmese. Otherwise there will be daily gang fights in the detention centres.
What is their offence when they are actually victims of human smuggling or trafficking ?
They were in pursuit of a better life somewhere away from home...

Anonymous said...

this is too much! yes we do need canning for those die hard repeaters of certain crimes, but not for been an illegal refugee unless they commit crimes that deserves canning ! looks like the canner enjoys his work ! hope he gets what he "sow" when his time runs out!

Anonymous said...

UMNO Boleh