Saturday, June 11, 2011

fish rots from the head down...(pt.. 2 )

How can you stop the rot when the rotten are sent to stop the rot ? ( read the rest of the MalayMail scoop here)

This is how this man ( pic ) must feel every time
brothels are raided in Little India or Brickfields. Surely these brazen operators of vice dens have no fear for the law or anyone else for the matter ! Why ? Because I guess these vice-den operators have got the whole police force of Brickfields in their pockets ( read payroll !) How dare they resume business as early as a week after the authorities shut them down ? They dare only because they are "managed" and "tipped-off" by their moles within the police force !

I must say the Deputy Minister of FT is fighting a losing battle against a corrupt police force who'd not hesitate to do their
"master's" bidding ! I've seen this man making his rounds at odd times around Brickfields and that's a healthy sight. To know that a Deputy Minister actually goes down to the ground and stop to chat with the various traders and businessmen who come directly under his watch ! But there is only so much one man can do...with death threats and all !

Coming back to the I've said before and I will say it again, we have the cheapest police force money can buy despite the rare fact there are a handful of righteous cops scattered here and there BUT that is no bloody excuse !! And as usual this top cop of Brickfields
has an escape clause to pass the burden to the City Hall authority of all his boys-in-blue's ineffective policing of the area ! That's how efficient our police force are in general !

While we are on the subject of vices, the situation is equally bad in other parts of the city too like in the Pudu
and Old Klang areas. Rumour has it that top cops are entertained in certain "posh" clubs with young and beautiful girls to a point that they become "charmed" and go limp like sotongs !
......the COW or Club for Obedient Wives have to visit these joints for their "field" study......."belajar sambil pelarcur " type of study !

Go ahead and read the article again ! Have a good week-end !


Anonymous said...

Hi Bro !,

Sara on night prowl or 'inspection' rounds.
You should know his background with the low lifes and his 'troops'.
Mean and ugly

Anonymous said...

The Brickfields Police Station has been relocated, I an not sure where, so they have a field day.