Sunday, June 05, 2011

randy husbands and prostitutes !

Yes, today I will write about the world's oldest profession-prostitution (definition: a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money; whore; harlot.) and about randy husbands !! ( in response to this here article )
Obedient Wives Club eh ? What a bleeding Middle Ages or a Dark Ages club this is ? When this country is pissed off and struggling with the government's announcement of unwarranted price hikes on basic commodities and feeding hungry mouths, this bunch of sex-starved house-wives have nothing better to contribute constructively to the nation but to offer SEX better then high class prostitutes to horny husbands ! And with free sex lesson thrown in too !

They want wives to be better then prostitutes so that they can curb socials ills like prostitution et cetera et cetera ! Does that make any sense ? Duh !

Just what do these stupid women think of their fellow womenfolk and their daughters ? Mere objects with orifices for men to stick their dick into ?? Have they not heard of equality before God's eyes ? These idiotic women are still living in the Dark Ages ! I hope this "sex doctor" Rohaya is not talking about 1st. wife's only, otherwise even our First Lady Of Malaysia (FLOM) will be "disqualified" from being a member/patron and you know where that can lead too, yah ?

And their husbands must have mastered and sworn to abide by the phase "men cannot live on bread alone" to stray into forbidden and new "crevices" too, yes ? All this is not making any sense to the modern times we live in ! Where there is a demand.... supply is inevitable.

Giving your husband great sex is not going to stop him from going out there to compare and assess if indeed he gets better sex at home ! Most men stray at any given opportunity. It's only up to them if the want to only just "flirt" or engage in "solicitous" contracts and no amount of "great" sex at home is gonna change that ! At any given time men are flirtatious as long as they are given the attention and time by the opposite sex and at times their own kind too !!! And for Muslim men it is also their God-given right to marry 4 ! So how now ???

And next time you meet a friend who's got a great happy family life, you can proceed to inquire if his wife is better in bed then some prostitute okay ? Damn these BN morons ! Wonder how much government grant was given for operating this silly club ?

What a bunch of losers......these OWC !


nstman said...

I am going mad. I am checking into the mental hospital in KL.

Anonymous said...

I need Viagra and Tongkat Ali for my dick. This is going to be wild. Maybe can can free supply from 1Malaysia Clinic nation wide.

umar said...

Malays are extremely crazy about sex!
Take a walk in Chow Kit, you'll see so many items sold for " multiple erection " along the pavements.

Settle for teh-tarik in any stall, you'll see so many instant drinks in packets such as
Kopi Jantan
Kopi janda
Tongkat Ali
Kopi Ginseng
Kopi susu Kambing
Kopi Hambatus Saudah
and many more.
malay literature is full of Hindu culture, hence you have Hikayat Pandawa Lima ( Mahabaratha )
Hikayat Ramayana. The malays were Hindu before the advent of Islam in this part of the world called Malay Archipelago.
However, they never emulated or adopted "Kama Sastera/Sutera" which was written thousands of years ago in India.It depicts the art of engaging in canal sex for ultimate please .
So, i wonder how that literature of sex never entered the malay mind. It is never late , now that they form this club to educate Malay masses on how to engage in metetrs of sex.
At last Kama Sutra has found its place in Malay psyche !

Anonymous said...

I am a fair skinned Malaysian. Can I attend the classes? Hope to see some pratical demostration. Having sex classes is good but the way they publicise it is makes the ladies as sex objects.

Anonymous said...

without man's steak ...oops sorry , RIB , woman NEVER exist ! , pls be grateful & obligatory while on beds with your masters , ok !!??

Anonymous said...

As reciprocal : men should form a club bernama GSC for the obedient wives' orgasm !

Anonymous said...

Biniku always complains of ' manyak tired, dryness, stomach headache, UTI
....' apabila aku MAHU shiok dgn dia !
BUT she is non-muslim , can she join the COW to belajar how to act like a prostitute !?

btw : dr. rohaya is president of vice
siapakah then is the cif ? ROSE kah !?

Anonymous said...

dr. told biniku " aiyah, no use to join the COW lah , wat you need is EPO & not cow's milk ! "


Anonymous said...

Biniku : '...sorry...sudah manopaused !'

Aku " one ! "

Anonymous said...

Biniku : ' you want me macam Sara to let you sleep with our maid'it !?? '

Aku : " ....... !"

Anonymous said...

a good wife is a good sex-worker !?