Saturday, March 31, 2007

Goodness NPC Gracious!!

Yes , the National Press Club's AGM was held last night and boy am I still nursing a heavy head, 'hic', from all that guzzling !
This is an exciting motley of seasoned journalists who will serve as the EXCO for a term of 2 years ending in March 2009 !
And yes the out-going President, Rocky( who had served 2 terms or 4 years) was indeed pleased with the selection of the EXCO members under the new leadership of Mokhtar as President.
All members present had a great time merry-making before and after the free and transparent voting was over and for the benefit of my blog readers (you deserve that privilege... actually !) I list below the new Honorary line-up.
1. President- Mokhtar Hussain of Bernama
2. Deputy President- M. Veera Pandiyan of The Star
3. Vice President- Joe Fernando of The Star
4. Secretary- Jugjet Singh Randhawa of the NST
5. Assistant Secretary- Jane Ritikos of The Star
6. Treasurer- SP Manivasagam of Movie News
7. Assistant Treasurer-Lum Chih Feng of the Oriental Daily
and the 8 Executive Councillors (in no particular order) are 1) T. Ananthan of Bernama 2) Anthea De Lima of Mediate Publication 3) Farrah Naz Karim of the NST 4) Ghazemy Mahmud of ADJ 5) Jaiarajo Letchuman of Bernama 6) B. Kaderas of Malaysian Nanban 7) Krishna Rao of Malaysian Progress and last but not least 8) Shamini Darshni of the NST.
And looking at this list.... hmmmm.... 4 ladies in the midst...that has never happened before ! Me thinks this is going to be a year full of changes and rearrangements..and excitment... power to the women !
Congratulations to all for your new appointment in the National Press Club !!
And the music plays softly as I quietly continue to sip my beer 'hic' in one cosy corner at my favorite drinking 'hic' hole.........cheeeeers !!


Anonymous said...

Waaah! How much to join the NPC if I am not a press member? Sounds like fun, man!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope all the office-bearers are drinkers. I advise non-drinkers not to stand for election. If you dont drink stay at home and drink cocacola, NPC is only for drinkers.

Shanghai Fish said...

to d pressed, go get a life man..

and nstman,why would you sincerely "hope" they must be drinkers huh ? There are many who don't and you do write intellegently but I'm dissappointed with your critical rationalling of members holding posts at a private club...perhaps you do not belong to any ?
But I welcome you to have a drink with me at NPC. Cheers man !

zorro said...

Shang, yesterday I saw the old out-going committee all seated in front of the delegates. I could only identify about three (excluding you, because it is your job to be around) regulars. To me that is utterly dissappointing. These guys who hold office must be promoting NPC and not just tell friends that they are office-holders. NSTman I think is subtly saying that if you do not frequent NPC, you should not stand for office. See, great minds think alike. Cheers.hic hic hurray.

Anonymous said...

Where are you in the new line up, Mr Fish?

You should be there.

Anyway, I'd like to congratulate the new NPC line up and raise a toast to the outgoing one.

"Good health!"

Editor said...

Stephen, keep me posted on your activities and will make it when I can.Cheers buddy.

Bernard,keep in touch.See you when I come.Cheers too!

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

I'm surprised how shallow some people's thinking can be. How low some can go. Some have the odesity to critize others just b'cos they drink. Do office bearers of other clubs refrain from drinking? So whats wrong if office bearers of NPC drink. I think some of them have more culture, morals and values than the people that critize them. So its ok to stay home, drink your soda pop and eventually get diabetes.

Alliedmartster said...

whoa.....I am a newcomer to the NPC, and man must I say, helluva joint you have there.
Thoroughly enjoyed my (1,2,3...4) outings there! Cant wait for the next. As for drinkers in the exco? I can't say not my pace, but NSTman, maybe those who don't drink can contribute in other areas?

But all in all, perhaps, more publicity if you want to raise the membership? But otherwise, maintain status quo....oh....whats her name from that new mag sings really realllllly well!

Just got back from Langkawi...HIC

Anonymous said...

I love to drink, especially beer. I love people who can drink. And I love the folk in the NPC who can drink. I would love to drink with Zorro, Shanghai, Rocky, and many others if i have the time. In the meantime, cheers to beer. And in the meantime, ShanghaiStephen, you are doing a good job. Keep it up, brudder. You make my day.