Friday, May 25, 2007

"wannabe whateveeeeer... this RELA " !

"Come, come...... Bangla " these were the words uttered by a member of People's Volunteer Corps or RELA, gesturing to board a vehicle (here)to an Indian National and tourist, who was on an filming assignment with a German production company, here in the city, recently. Fearing he was being kidnapped and not understanding the lingo and seeing the arrogant authority and the unlimited powers these hot shot "cop-wannabe" boys have been vested with, naturally the Indian panicked and was in a confused daze, right. (read here)

Disband this RELA, a loose body of thieving crooks masquarading as keepers of the law, with a fair percentage of them , having failed to gain entry into the regular uniform government forces for reasons only they would know, end up posing as "uninformed" uniformed personnel and doing a fantastic job in tarnishing negatively the image of this country !( read here)

Would any uniform authority, be it the police or Rela dared to stop "slippered and shabbily dressed white "tourists" walking the streets and demanding to see their identification papers ?? No, right ? So there is certainly gross discrimination against "darker skinned" (or to qoute a moron-in-suit, Minister, "lower class" ) tourist and judging them illegal...right ??

Why this double standards huh ?? Our men in uniform are always sucking-up to caucasians and Middle-easterners or even the Japanese ! Don't these lighter-skinned fellas dodge the authorities and are mixing freely and even overstaying our kind hospitality just because they know nobody is gonna check on them ? Hey, I've got nothing against anyone of lighter or darker skin..but can't help noticing the pattern here ! And for goodness sake don't paint me a bigot or racist...okay ?

Its always the Banglas, Indons, Myanmar,Filipinoes and Indians...No...Pakistanis are never stopped and checked..because they are of a fairer shade or dressed in their holy"jubbah" or even the Africans because of their sheer height,physical strength, fearless looks, if need be to be pitted against these puny RELA boys, right ??

This is a very disturbing trend which has to be addressed immediately. Genuine tourists being harassed by nincompoos in uniform in an otherwise beautiful country,sheesh... lest word gets out to their country of origin and we tend to suffer a great loss of foreign visitors and businesses... yes ?

I have travelled a fair bit to many parts of the world but have never been, in any country, subjected to produce my ID or passport by any cop or men in uniform when walking the streets of that strange land ! The only time I had to, where at entry/exit points....and I am dark skinned !

My stand on this RELA is resolute and final.. they are 'excess baggage' and MUST be disbanded for the sake of our beloved country !

*The hyena is a cunning and champion scavenger and is always on top of the food chain ! Don't bother asking it's relevance to this post !

Cheers !


zewt said...

this one i sokong.

Wattahack? said...

National Alliance of Illogical Liars - NAILS will replace RELA in no time!!!

Anonymous said...


I AGREE with you on this!

niconico said...

I have to really really agree with you. Like you said, if they want to be a police or whatever pegawai penguatkuasa, then why they dont apply? because they are not qualified duhh...if to become a policemen they got to have certain qualification, going through rigourous training then only they are allowed to arrest people, then might as well they join Rela...just registered, join a few weeks of introduction, put on RELA uniform...and voila! they can just arrest anybody they want.
Hey if they really want to become a police...why don't they help the police stopping those mat n minah rempits or working together with rukun-tetangga to catch real criminal.

zorro said...

Thousands are unemployed. Many never passed SRP. Cannot dump them into civil service or KJ will ask me to apoplogise. So start RELA and give them to be supervised by another war-lord. There is money to be made, saudara and think of the opportunity to raid vice-dens. 2020 will never be realised as envisioned if we do not make good use of our human capital...thinking of all the young people at toll booths....those jobs should be given to senior citizens, and the young ones need to go to the plantations or where strong bodied young can be used....parking attendants and toll collectors. Why are we (especially the people who govern us) are so stupid. Tiew!

Rockybru said...

Mr Fish,

As a concept, Rela is good. Just like Rukun Tetangga, which is an excellent idea. It's the implementation that sucks. But I believe both should be salvaged. Rela and RT can be turned into a potent force to help the police in combating crime.

An idea is to bring both under the National Service program. Let's call it Rela Corps. Members of the Rela Corps may comprise young Malaysians of all races (just like NS) who are trained by our regular army and the Police on the skills of handling crimes and criminals. The RC officers in urban and rural areas will do regular patrols in residential as well as commercial areas. They will be such a presence to become a major deterrent to criminals.

With RC, the police can concentrate on more serious crimes. RC officers are neither soldiers nor cops but can be both. As in the Vigilante Corps in Singapore and our own RT, a person needs to report for RC duty only once a month. But the impact will be deep and wide-ranging, especially in making our neighbourhood and this country a more peaceful and a safer place to live in.

Alliedmartster said...

well thought out..

But in the end..we should not generalise that all rela guys are bad apples.

I use to travel a lot too...around the world. I never did carry my passport (for fear of losing it)..all I had were my Malaysian IDs.

I thinks these Rela guys acted without using their brains! High handed as always...

I came across a Rela raid one morning near Glenmarie..whilst the rela guys were in the kongsi, searching..the illegals had ran across Federal Highway and across the railway tracks...all this behind their noses!

Sad to say, that those with the integrity do not want to give their time, and those without give 150% of theirs..the results?
This kinda reports....

Make sense?

Mat Salo said...


I have lambasted this goons since time immemorial... unless revamped like Bro Roki said, to be a more professional and multi-racial force. Like orang malayo sez, "buek abih boreh ajo"..

But I think asking them to "revamp" or "re-structure" is a bit too much, better just to dsband this bunch of - as you call it - "nincompoos". Either, way it spells shit for me...

Bravo for bringing this up in your usual in-your-face style, Bro!

-from one roustabout to another-

Anonymous said...

rela wants more power! scary isnt it!