Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mob justice for this 'sick' demon !

Even as I was commenting on my earlier post about the evils in our society and the unspeakable and perverted attack on an innocent 6 year old girl in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, here is yet another "sicko story" in the Malay Mail today, of a missing 5 (FIVE) year old in Jalan Raja Bot, very close to Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur !


THE family of Suci Rahmadhani Usman is racing against time in search of the five-year-old girl who was abducted in front of their grocery shop in Jalan Raja Bot yesterday afternoon. Their worst fear is the girl could have been abducted by the same man who had molested a six-year- old kindergarten pupil in nearby Kampung Baru last Wednesday.

“We are praying hard she would be released unharmed. The suspect fits the description of the molester and even the modus operandi was similar,” said her father, Usman Abdul Karim, 45.
The suspect had approached Suci, who was playing with her six-year-old cousin, and asked her to help him find a cat.
“She loves cats and was willing to follow him, despite being advised by the cousin not to do so.
“The suspect scolded the cousin and both of them rode away on a motorcycle, ” he said.
The cousin said the man was clad in a black jacket, a white T-shirt and was wearing a black helmet. The cousin managed to get the plate number of the motorcycle and it has been passed on to police.
Usman said he was not at the shop when it happened but his wife, who was in, did not notice the man taking away their daughter, the youngest of five siblings.
She only noticed Suci missing when the cousin rushed into the shop crying and related the incident .

Last night, Suci’s parents with the help of friends and relatives distributed her picture around Chow Kit and Kampung Baru.
Usman said his daughter was wearing a green T-shirt and a pair of orange pants when she was abducted.
“I really hope the cops will find the culprit soon before another innocent girl falls prey to the monster. ” The business fraternity in Chow Kit was equally angry with what had happened.
“The suspect must be caught or else he would continue terrorising other kids,” said Mohd Hussin Lubis, a trader.
“We should not allow the monster to roam free. Why must he pick up little girls? I heard there were two other similar incidents recently and I am afraid to even let my children out unguarded,” he said.
Mohd Hussin, who was helping Usman distribute posters last night, said those living in the area would not rest until the culprit is arrested.
Another trader, who declined to be identified, said the culprit is sick and must be arrested.
“He is causing anxiety among us. Even the public do not feel safe going to Chow Kit as long as he is still free,” he said.
It is learnt police have deployed detectives in the area to look for the kidnapper and the victim.

On Friday, The Malay Mail reported a six-year old girl was abducted and found wandering in a daze about 50m from the scene several hours later.
The girl had related to the mother that she was approached by a man who persuaded her to help look for his cat before she was molested.

Dang Wangi police chief Assistant Commissioner Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said police are looking for the kidnapper and the girl.
He refused to comment further.

So people, I pray..... I'm sick and tired of hearing such bad news so early in the morning....and GOD , please help find this infant/child safe and fast and that "bucket-of -shit" caught !
As I continue to live in denial and think my country is safe.......sigh !
*the spotted hyena is there again for a personal reason.
*Latest up-date 7.20p.m. (3-7-07)* The little girl has been found. She's still in hospital for a check-up and under observation. Pray she's not been sexually assualted !

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Anonymous said...

Well if she is, the thoughts make me want to become a serial killer! What s wrong with these people?

Take care brother. Sorry to have missed the mee rebus this week, yet again.